April 12, 2012

Well, we had to install yet another hard drive since the last one unexpectedly died on us. Fortunately this time we had everything backed up on DVDs and getting everything back in order wasn't that difficult.

KELLY SUAREZ is here to guide us back after a 13-day hiatus.

Some more VERY interesting changes are coming to Xtreme Curves these next few months. From now on, the emphasis will be shifting towards art again--this time with 3D virtual reality Phat Girls which will be lifelike, as in a photograph. These will exist side by side with real models, of course, but there must be something new!

March 30, 2012

Today we are doing something different. We made contact with a writer of erotica who has presented us with a tale about fucking a huge-assed Greek hotel receptionist. How much of this is real is your guess as well as mine, but it is definitely a steamy read!

The writer's name is ALAN RIGGS. He advertises himself as Mr. Twelve Inches, and according to him, shoots incredibly large wads (so we gather from the story). He is a photo-journalist who has been around the world and has had his way with the women in every country he has traveled in. He tells us this is an excerpt from a novel soon to be published as an e-book on Kindle. Judging from this one excerpt, it promises to be a hell of a read. No erotica writer that I know of is so utterly GRAPHIC in depicting the sex act, especially the outrageous oral and anal scenes:

"...She had an enormous butt packed into those faded, skin-tight jeans. I loved the way it moved; she moved it like a black woman, shifting the cheeks from side to side in a casually lascivious way. She looked to be about 5’3”, thick and petite, and from a hardy race that seemed to me to be built for fucking..."

"....I stood up, and grabbed a tin of Nivea crème off my bed. I gently smeared it against her anus, then pushed my fingers in, still more gently, and worked it around inside her rectum. I took a dab of the crème and smeared more along half the length of my fully erect penis. I figured six inches was enough to get up Irene’s ass without shredding her intestines. I grunted, then laughed, and kissed her left ass-cheek. Irene sighed, and mumbled with her face down on my sheets that she wanted it, wanted it now. I steadied myself and carefully pushed my tool up in her big, fat, Greek ass.

'Harder, mougapimou,' I heard Irene moan, 'harder.'

'Are you sure?'

Irene sucked her teeth and looked up at me.

'Alan, please,' she snorted, 'don’t be scared! Please! I want everything! Everything! The whole fucking thing—up my ass!'

'If you insist, sweetie,' I told her.

Irene’s ass cheeks were so big I had to hold them open to get more of my enormous black tool up there. I did what she told me to do. As I pushed the rest of my dick inside, I grew scared; I felt the insides of her rectum stretching, taking it in, deeper, deeper, until I could not even see an inch of the 12” I now had in full erection. I swallowed.

Oh, shit. What have I done?

'Yes, yes,' she moaned, 'that is it, fuck me!'

'But isn’t this—'

'No, no, baby, I like,' she said, grabbing the ends of the bed, 'I like this, fuck me with your big fat black dick, I want all.'"

The book will be available on Amazon.com and BN.com on April 15th.

January 26, 2012

I hate to keep procrastinating like this with the new update. However I found something really good: a SUPER-thick Japanese BBW (52-35-53!) on a DVD special that I know you will enjoy. This is scheduled for Monday, and will be the first in a series. The video will be huge, just as a reminder. So stay tuned--we are 99% back in stride!

January 11, 2012

It looks like it will take a bit longer than I thought for the new updates. I apologize. We will shoot for sometime next week.

January 4, 2012


There was a MAJOR hard-drive crash that resulted in the loss of huge amounts of data. We have been scrambling around trying to put together a new database from backups from years past. Of course this is all on the local server. We needed an entirely new hard drive, one which is unfortunately slower than the last one, but it's what we have to work with for now. The level of art and the quality of models will not diminish. In fact, we have some really great ones in store for the coming weeks. To get things back on track KAF is reorienting us with THREE Phat Girls drawings to partially make up for lost time. This is a goddamned shame, since we were in the middle of remodeling Xtreme Curves when the catastrophe happened.

October 21, 2011

Check out our first model from Panama: the luscious SILVANA! There is more of her coming Monday, and definitely some hardcore work of hers, as well as video of the curvy big booty blonde CRYSTAL LOVE!

August 31, 2011

I know the artwork was delayed a bit but if you see the results, you will understand why. There will be a LOT more artwork coming from now on, as viewers seem to respond to it a good deal. Besides, it will be good to shift the emphasis a little back to the original intent of this site, which was to highlight the erotic art of KAF himself. Of course, we are not forgetting about the new models, nor the remodeling of the site...

April 29, 2011

Great news: at long last, the elusive LONDON ANDREWS, who seemed to appear everywhere else but on Xtreme Curves, is coming this Monday!!

March 23, 2011

I thought the art would be completely ready Tuesday but there are finishing touches to be made to the background details. Sorry, but we don't tolerate half-assed art. When you see the finished product you will agree it was WELL WORTH THE WAIT!

Big butt Ukrainian hottie CRYSTAL LOVE is returning Friday in a new set, so this should be fun...

March 5, 2011

Yes--finally a belated update on what's happening in the world of Xtreme Curves!!

Thick$taxxx is about to be relaunched later this month. A whole slew of new galleries were put up about a week and a half ago, with more to come. The design overall will be far more professional-looking.

The website itself (Xtreme Curves) is still undergoing renovations to push it ahead into the second decade of the 21st century.

To be honest, a lot of the delays and time-outs were (and are) due to the demands of my other creative work. Therefore the usual "announcements" you see on the front page have been eliminated, as it simply isn't fair to members to have material announced for a certain day, only for it not to appear.

Besides which, it looks PLAIN DAMN UNPROFESSIONAL!!

November 2, 2010

A voluptuous newcomer, ISIS, is coming this Friday. Take note of her phat ass, viewers.

The color pinup isn't quite ready, so I'm putting up a black and white one until the color version is ready Tuesday....

October 18, 2010

MAYLI's back, and lovely as ever--we hope to get some vids of her pretty soon. Definitely trying to bring in more artwork--there was a lull over the summer for personal reasons but we want to make amends by putting out more quality pinups.

September 8, 2010

We are hoping to get the belated color artwork to you by Friday. If not, then definitely Monday. We are revamping the site for January 2011.

July 21, 2010

KRISTINA MILAN and her monstrous 55" tits took up our attentions these past few 48 hours, so the art went by the wayside. Don't worry, it will be back Thursday. In the meantime, enjoy KRISTINA's huge fucking tits!

May 20, 2010

Once again, we are almost (but not quite) running at full capacity--we just reinstalled the member's section on the local drive--but the artwork will be up next Tuesday. It may be a color one, so stay tuned....

May 13, 2010

My apologies for not uploading anything during this week. The next uploading will be Monday. My machine died on me, and along with it over 45 GB of data. Recovering that data is now the hard part. Fortunately there were backups made, but even by Monday we will be at best at 60 percent.

I finally have a new laptop, which is good news. PERSIA MONIR, as well as TAQUILA's return, are in the wings, so don't fret. Also, there will be a return of the artwork next week as well--a black and white pinup but a damn good one (this coming Tuesday).

April 23, 2010

Well, BABYCAKES finally makes her video debut here on this site with a 20+ minute clip (hardcore) getting it on with a well-hung stud. I was going to put up a black and white pinup but decided to finish the color one I already started, and put that up Tuesday. There has not been enough color artwork, so I guess I'm going to skip the black and whites for another time. MALIBU CANDY won't be in until Monday. Yes, things look a little bumpy here from time to time at Xtreme Curves, but we are trying to get new equipment to work with and by late fall refurbish this web site, inside and out. Of course, we still have the highest concentration of thick chicks, anywhere on the World Wide Web, going back nearly 10 years from the old kafenwar.com days!

March 2, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: 38-29-52 ebony wonder TAQUILA is coming Friday!

February 23, 2010

So this is the first update of the year 2010! Stay tuned for SARA JAY-she has been a little hard to get ahold of lately, but she is ready for this Friday. The company needs a new laptop!

And NO, we haven't forgotten about VANESSA MONET....

December 28, 2009

At last, we're back with busty WESTY after ten days of absolutely nothing!

November and December were moving months for the webmaster--me--so a lot of things had to be put on the back burner. I'm trying to get a new flat here in town and going through a series of sublets made some updates erratic. In between all this, my laptop crashed December 17th. Now that I'm back, I have to make up for lost time.

1) There will be TWO pinups (however in black and white) this week, rather than just one. 2) I really want to see VANESSA MONET's fine ass in motion, so I don't want to keep promising it and not putting it out there. But VANESSA MONET videos will definitely be coming in the next three weeks.

Also some interest to those who enjoy tube sites: Xtreme Curves is contemplating having one of its own. If we do have one then please only send us videos of women with enormous asses and tits who are not extremely obese. We especially welcome content from places like Brazil and India, where big tits and asses are aplenty...

October 29, 2009

Videos of VANESSA MONET won't be long in coming. However, I would like to apologize for taking so long with the artwork, because I am moving again, and haven't had time to finish it. The same with the Thick$taxxx galleries, which will be posted on the site over the weekend. However, the galleries are already up....

Sorry, but the artwork has to be delayed again, till next Tuesday. This month has been hectic.

October 4, 2009

To members of Thick$taxxx.com: we have a bunch of new galleries in preparation for use next week. To members of the website, we will have some new movies of big girls pretty soon. I know we have not had movies here in a while, but rest assured, you will definitely enjoy, among others, VANESSA MONET's huge ass taking dildoes in videos a lot better than stills. And that's just the tip of the iceberg! BIG SKYE, ALIX LAKEHURST, NAOMI and a bunch of other girls will be making their video debut at Xtreme Curves in the near future!

September 9, 2009

Just recently there was an attempt to hack xtreme-curves.com by some assholes. In the process, the .htaccess file was corrupted and had to be changed. If any members are having problems with passwords, please email us at kaf@xtreme-curves.com.

August 12, 2009

I know, we have not updated this page in quite awhile. I am away in Berlin and unfortunately, I had to buy another drawing tablet for the color pinups. However we have great news. Big-assed Greek goddess VANNAH STERLING makes her debut with us as August's Model of the Month!

May 29, 2009

The artwork is going up a little later than usual (Friday), I wasn't quite finished. Sorry about that....

May 14, 2009

There weren't any updates Wednesday because of travel plans on that day. A new and rather out-of-season set of LEIGH-D appears this Friday!

April 29, 2009

If I'm lucky, the new color replacement for the corrupted file might be ready by tomorrow night. Stay tuned....

April 28, 2009

Today I'm extremely pissed off because the pinup that I was finishing last night has suddenly and mysteriously become corrupted, and can't even be opened. So, what? There's a black and white drawing on Thursday and a new version of what I'd been working on all week appearing next Tuesday, providing it doesn't get destroyed like the one I was working on!!

April 14, 2009

Great news: the foxy Romanian babe JASMINE BLACK will be making her Xtreme-Curves.com debut very soon, along with a very thick-bodied German babe named EWA.

Once again, sorry for the delays in the artwork AND the late uploading. I decided to take Easter off. Unfortunately during Easter I also got sick! I thought about doing a black and white pinup just to fill in the slot but decided it would be best to finish up the color pinup, which will appear (hopefully) Saturday. As you know, quality artwork takes time.

March 19, 2009

Sorry, but once again I need an additional few hours to complete this pin-up, and it will be ready tomorrow morning.

March 16, 2009

Those of you who are fans of the art--and I know there are plenty of you out there--must be sore that I kept bumping the dates ahead for finishing it. I have to apologize for that, it happens sometimes. But right now I'm actually moving from one flat to another, and the art had to get shelved for a time. After moving all this shit around it will be done this Thursday.

Another curio--NATALIA the BUNDA QUEEN can now be seen in Evasive Angels video doing hardcore under the name of VIRGINIA! She still has that ass, too!

February 26, 2009

The artwork will be returning Tuesday, March 3rd, rather than today, just to let people know in advance. I was not able to get around to finishing it. Like I said, I don't want half-assed art on the website anymore.....

February 23, 2009

We didn't mean to wait one month to announce an update, but life around here has been very chaotic. Now that things have settled down a bit, we have great news. A smorgasboard of big, beautiful bitches is under way. Thick, busty fraulein SINDEE was scheduled to come but a newbie suddenly showed her face, and I had to go with her. ELENA HEIRESS, well known through other sites (namely the Bang Bros. conglomeration), is making her debut here. Some sites claim her ass is too big. At 43 inches (others of coure claim it is much smaller), it is far from being too big, but it is gorgeous. This Latina hottie, with perky 38C boobs, pinched waist, wide hips and thick round ass, would have been our Model of the Month if she had shown up just a day or two earlier! So, of course, this is why SINDEE had to wait till Wednesday to reappear.

Another curio: Huge-assed KELLY STAR now claims her ass is bigger than the 46 inches we said it was--that it is really 50 inches. Amazing that WE, of all people, would actually undercount the inches on our girl's curves!

I want to significantly expand the video section by including videos that some of you have probably seen elsewhere, or are already vintage (from the 1990s, or even earlier), but will be good just for the members to have access to them. You will definitely see, for example, more TOMMY LYNN TOWERS and other super-thick models once I get this underway in the next two months.

The artwork was going to be in color but maybe next week. I only want quality art on this site now and not rushed bullshit. So the members will get a black and white, but it will be good.

Other girls coming around the corner: LIANA SMISS, on video, doing what she does best: hardcore. JESSICA BANGKOK, a thick Asian babe; SUMMER SINN, ICE LA FOX, JASMINE BLACK (also on video), CHIKITA; more BEAUTY, more ARYANA STARR, JAYLENE RIO, HAPPY CAT, BEA SUMMER, and too many hotties to mention, both old and new. Stay tuned....

January 23, 2009

Leigh-D will be coming Monday, because of a fucking mix-up. But rest assured, it will be wonderful. Meanwhile, say hello to plumpy, busty AUDREY(42-29-43).

January 21, 2009

Anybody who is having trouble signing up through CCBill, please email me at kaf@xtreme-curves.com.

January 16, 2009

Great news: we have a voluptuous new model, all of 39-29-46, named LEIGH-D. Apparently she is from Turkey, of Kurdish extraction. The curves on this bottom heavy princess must be seen to be believed! More voluptuous models, of the kind you really like, are in store for you-all next week!

Unfortunately, the price increase has not been sitting well with many people, so I have had to compromise again.The price will be raised in increments over the next four years, as the dollar continues to lose its value. For now, the price will be $11.95 for one month, $26.95 for three months, and the same $19.95 for one shot deal. Those of you who signed up for $13.95 can re-sign the following month. After all, we are in the middle of an economic crisis.

January 12, 2009

Sorry about the mixup in the models. WESTY appeared today instead of KIM ETERNITY, who will come back this Wednesday. Good to see people "adjusting" to the price increase, especially since it is on the heels of a severe economic crisis. In the months ahead I might temporarily lower the price for a month or so but even I have to pay the bills these days. Xtreme-Curves is still hoping to get curvier models like LONDON ANDREWS (to name just one) over here.

January 5, 2009

Good news: the price increase will only be to $13.95 per month, in keeping with the Xtreme Curves "way" of providing quality, as well as low-cost, service. See it here: http://www.measuringworth.com/

In 2007, $9.95 from 1999 is worth:

$12.38 using the Consumer Price Index
$12.18 using the GDP deflator
$13.35 using the value of consumer bundle *
$12.42 using the unskilled wage *
$13.71 using the nominal GDP per capita
$14.82 using the relative share of GDP

I'm figuring that the price increase should be relative to the value of the dollar, and to what the site cost during its debut--and what it cost in 2007. Today, it is 2009.

January 2, 2009

We're back from the holidays.

The price change will take place next week, as a word of warning. Because of the holidays there wasn't much uploading, as I said. Those of you who signed up for Thick$taxxx will now have a chance to make some serious money with us!

Sorry for the price change, but everything has gone up since 1999. I think I explained all of this. In 1999, webhosting cost me a mere 15 dollars a month. Today, it costs in excess of 200. There were no affiliates in 2000, now they are legion and get anywhere between 50 and 70 percent of the money. Anybody out there who knows any really good models (like, say, London Andrews), and who is a photographer, can get in touch with us at kaf@xtreme-curves.com. We need to move to even higher ground in 2009!

December 22, 2008

There won't be much uploading this week. Even adult webmasters need to take a holiday....So we will leave you with TERRY NOVA's latest set. Best wishes to all our fans and Happy Holidays!

There will be some great artwork by Phil Henderson when we get back. Also, see the price increase as a beginning of a much-improved Xtreme-Curves. More money means better babes!

December 15, 2008

Yes, the Asian Big Butt thing was something I had wanted to do for a long time. It's not over: be prepared to see all three of those phat Asian honeys getting down together!

News flash: after December 31st of this year, there will be a definite price change. I realize now that the costs of operating a website--especially one this well-established--have increased substantially since I started in 1999. Plus the site is far bigger than it was, with money having to be doled out to affiliates, webhosts (the costs have increased there as well), and quality content producers and photographers. But at the same time, I want to provide affordable content to those who want to see a lot of big-assed, big-breasted women. The average adult site--one far smaller than this--will run you upwards to $19.95 per month. Ours will be a more reasonable $15.95.

Xtreme-Curves.com came into existence as Kafenwar.com. It was originally just a pinup site for a year and a half. Only starting in 2001 was the emphasis shifted largely to the pics. But since about 2005-6 the cost of obtaining shots of models has increased--and on top of that, many people who were producing content for the web have gone out of business. Personally I no longer have access to models like Natalia, the Bunda Queen. There are other models out there on the web who should DEFINITELY be with us, but this is going to cost!

Those of you who might feel disappointed can look on the bright side. More money for us means a better quality website!! It also means the ability to access more exclusive content. So you disappointed members can rest assured that you will definitely get what you will be paying for, including a more renovated site (some of that was put on hold, I wanted to do more), and certainly more of those REALLY hot models with the true hourglass curves!

November 11, 2008

I know you members and visitors out there were impressed by the generous curves of TANJA, a 45-28-45 fraulein from Germany. She will be back later this month, so don't worry, she was not just a one-time thing! TERRY NOVA on video--hardcore, that is--will be coming soon as well. KITTY LEE's tits are so fucking big now that I will definitely bring her back. Looking out for some models with incredible curves here--such as LONDON ANDREWS, BUNNY DE LA CRUZ, etc. Of course they can always email me and ask if they want to be an Xtreme Curves girl....

The artwork was a few hours late because of the bad fucking connection here. But there it is, and it looks fine. Kaf has done a wonderful job with "Kitty!"

October 20, 2008

Last week the super-foxy JADE made her return after I don't know how many years. I would like to feature her more often. Those thick, chunky 43-inch hips are right up my alley....SARA JAY will be returning soon, looking like the way we all want her to look: on the chunky side, with her ass and tits real big. As you might notice, I am still not finished with the site revamping. I have been sidetracked by a lot of extracurricular activity--shit other than the website work, such as the art, among other things--so it had to wait. But I hope to have the renovations complete by December 31st of this year....

Some thick-bodied German blonde babes I discovered will be coming their way to the site in a short while, and you will definitely want to see them.

I know that "The Art of Phil Henderson" site is still not ready, but that will have to wait until all this other shit is out of the way. There was a very positive response to NYS, the blonde pin-up girl, as opposed to Ivana. Guess there have been too many dark-haired Mediterrenean girls featured in the artwork!?

October 8, 2008

I got sidetracked Monday with so many things that I did not even have time to upload to the site! Today, however, I saw Daphne Rosen's shit and decided to bump ANGELIKA VALLERY ahead for Friday instead. DAPHNE looks so good with her ass poked out (and even with the huge fake tits) that I decided she HAD to go first, and there she is for this Wednesday, October 8th, in her first pic set here since she got the implants. Next she will be here on video. I haven't forgotten about TERRY NOVA and even NATASCHA on video as well, so stay tuned....

September 25, 2008

Like I wanted, I changed the home page and made it a bit more manageable. The members can access the old updates on a separate page for now until the Model Index is revamped in the next week or two. I brought KIKI back because those tits looked so good in that set (even though it's far from new) that I just had to have her there. More color artwork has been uploaded. In fact, there won't be too many black and white works in the next month or so because there is a glut of black and white drawings that haven't been made into color. Also, I am mentally planning a new comic strip. However any new comics won't see the light of day until at least next January. In the meantime I want to reemphasize the artistic side of Xtreme-Curves.com, which got lost somewhat over the years. More drawings and paintings, more comics, especially for 2009.

The long-anticipated price-hike won't happen until the site renovation is complete, so don't worry. $9.95 is still underpriced for a site featuring over 300 models!

September 18, 2008

Uploaded--at last!--some color artwork. There were some delays with the new Member's Index, but I will get that up next Monday. Terry Nova's first appearence on video is coming very shortly, as well as the super-hipped Natascha(50"!). I'm feeling uneasy about the graphic layout of the home page and it will most likely be changed in the next few weeks...

September 10, 2008

Uploaded the new artwork today, though usually it's on a Tuesday; and the next photosets will go up tomorrow. I'm still in the process of redesigning. Judging by the lack of response, and my own gut feelings, I think the design is somewhat overblown and will be altered next week, when a new Member's Index will go up. Maybe the change in design is somewhat too radical? Anyway, I don't want the sight to look too mafia-oriented right now....

September 5, 2008

The long-awaited revamping of Xtreme Curves continues. Pardon the dust, because this will be happening over the course of the following week. Please email us and tell us if you like this new design, or if it sucks, or is inconvenient--input helps!

August 29, 2008

The site is definitely being reshaped into a more up-to-date design. It will be in many ways radically different from the current layout, with bigger graphics, different tour pages, etc. Kaf's Komixxx/Mariana, which has been laying dormant for five years, will be lumped in with "The Art of Phil Henderson" for the tour pages. This is not to mean that there will not be any comics in the future, I just want all of Phil Henderson's art to be represented on one tour page.

Because of the constant reshaping and retooling, I have admittedly fallen off a bit with the uploading. Many pages have not been updated since 2005, some since 2003 and even since 2001! The price hike to $15.95 is going to disappoint some people but unfortunately, it has gotten more expensive to run a website since I started in 1999. If you want to see some more exclusive content, then one has to pay for it, and better yet, the money has to be there for it!

"Ultimate Thickness" is really BEAUTY, a hot new black porn model. She will be appearing next week, possibly as September's girl. Like I said, there have been a lot of mixups due to the heavy changes going on here. I will start with a new index page Wednesday, and Thursday/Friday, the new home page; around the same time, a new member's page. During the early to mid-September weeks the site will undergo a gradual transformation, so finally by the end the price-hike will take place. Of course, for our affiliates, a higher price will mean more money in their pockets, so they should be happier! Potential members shouldn't be so pissed: after all, sites far inferior to ours in content and even layout are charging double (or even more) than what we charge as a recurring per month....

July 21, 2008

As some of you might have guessed, my laptop crashed, and was out of commission for over a week! That's the bad news. The good news is that we are running again on close to full capacity and as a result want to bring you the stunning PEARL this week, along with some other unbelievable hotties. Oldcomer APRIL SINCLAIR is back with her luscious boobage. I found some really hot black models in addition to PEARL and I want to squeeze them in as soon as possible and stop procrastinating. Also, you will definitely see the first few site changes, which will be happening over the course of a month and a half. So the site will be "under construction," so please mind the dust and dirt as Xtreme Curves is transformed yet again....

My second artbook, Extreme Curves, aka Phat Girls, will be out this September. Be sure to get your hands on a copy from Amazon.com!

June 20, 2008

The uploadings have been a little haphazard recently because of site renovating. Many parts of this site have not changed since 2001. Of course, I've always stressed substance over style, but maybe the style is getting a bit too outdated?

Next week I'm going to put up a test index page to see how you react to it. The index page will not be as flashy as the home page, in keeping with the times. The home page will be changed extensively, as well as the whole tour pages, member's index, and everything else. I'm sorry that I keep putting off PEARL, and want her here as soon as possible, though there are other massively big-butted ebony babes waiting to show their face here. Big butt JENNIFER will have to wait until Monday--I could not get her set completed today, so in lieu we will have an even bigger assed XC veteran named ROSIE WILDE standing in for her!

I want to bring back LOLA LANE as well, and some more good videos, too.

I also wanted to squeeze in another artwork for today, but found I was too busy to do anymore art for this week. So I guess there will be a color one this Tuesday....

May 14, 2008

Yes, I know that many members might be cursing me for featuring the fabulously curvy KELLY STAR, this April's Model of the Month, rather than PEARL. They might be wondering what happened to the long-promised site renovations, which are still in progress. However, they don't have much longer to wait for PEARL though KELLY's 46-inch ass definitely through us for a loop! APRIL SINCLAIR's enormous tits will be coming very very shortly, and of course you will see a definite change in the website's appearence this summer. And NO, we haven't forgotten about our ebony PEARL, either!

For you THICK$TAXXX affiliates, I have uploaded 22 new galleries to the hosted galleries page, and will put them into the Thick$taxxx search engine soon. Stay tuned....

April 9, 2008

In two week's time--and I know it's been a long wait--we will feature that gorgeous, lovely-assed ebony model, PEARL. I haven't forgotten about CRYSTAL or AFRICA SEXXX. Since I've wrote here last, a bunch of fresh faces, including RUCCA PAGE, FLOWER TUCCI and JAYLENE RIO, have made their debut with this site. PIERCED ANGEL will also be returning, as well as the outrageous AVA DEVINE, along with some more curvaceous newcomers.

By late summer we will be moving more into the domain of strictly exclusive content from models that fit the Xtreme Curves hourglass standard. If the model has a flat chest but an enormous ass, we would not turn her down, but we would prefer both the big tits and the big ass at the same time!

Also, the site remodeling is continuing, though at a slow pace due to bills, taxes and other shit that has to be gotten out of the way....

February 22, 2008

Yes, the gorgeous ebony model with the great behind is coming up shortly. Still remodeling the site offline. Also, trying to come up with new ideas to keep Xtreme Curves fresh. I discussed earlier the idea of switching over to mainly exclusive content. Well, after the remodeling is complete (or perhaps even before), we will increasingly use content that is exclusive. In the meantime, however, XENA is coming back next week; CRYSTAL will return shortly thereafter. AFRICA SEXXX will return on video, so I know you will enjoy that.

The big Czech MILF WANDA is returning on video, too, so stay tuned....

January 21, 2008

Okay, MARIA MOORE is up for this Wednesday. It has been a little difficult to keep track of updates these days since I'm moving to a new location(literally myself, not the website). I promised you PEACHES for this month, and I think it's about time she had her slot as Model of the Month for January. She'll be here next week. I know that's pretty damn late, but moving takes up a lot of one's time. Also, CRYSTAL (the big-butt Native American, a very old model) and XENA (remember her?) will be back shortly. There's also an absolutely gorgeous ebony model with a great behind that I'll be bringing here this February, so stay tuned for that!

In addition to this, I'm putting up some new clips(in the "Shot from Behind" section) featuring mostly black and Latina chicks with ENORMOUS asses. This might even be a section of its own, because a number of these women aren't exactly candidly shot.

December 5, 2007

I know I was supposed to put up some pics of big Peaches last November, but I was bogged down in keeping this one-man operation afloat. Anyway, voluptuous ebony STACEY ADAMS wasn't bad, was she? MARIA MOORE is slated for next week, so don't worry about her. The renovating on the site is taking place, but it hasn't been uploaded yet. You will know what happened when you see it!

One reason why I held off on the PEACHES pics was because I can get some exclusives. Exclusive pics of your favorite models is the direction I want to take Xtreme-Curves.com in for 2008. But I would like to generally introduce PEACHES (pics, that is) to this site this month; with 63-inch hips and 49-inch tits, she deserves a spot as our Model of the Month!

October 26, 2007

Great news for fans of curvy women: a whole bunch of voluptuous newcomers are just around the corner. Some slim and stacked, but most with those lovely hourglass curves you know we all like. The super-thick Peaches will be coming some time this November, along with Maria Moore(we haven't forgotten), and some surprise models (known from Scoreland). Some heavy duty renovating will be taking place this November(I couldn't get around to it earlier, other priorities kept me preoccupied), but it will not interfere with your viewing pleasure!

September 24, 2007

For those of you fretting over an impending price hike, you've lucked out for the moment. I've decided not to hike the price until the site has been sufficiently renovated, both on the tour page and the member's section. The hike to $14.95 is still relatively cheap(sites twice as small as this are charging 24 dollars a pop)but I still want to have everything updated before upping the price.

For some more good news: URSULA is coming back. Apparently she is not as tall as I imagined by looking at her pics, but her measurements of 42-26-49 are nothing to scoff at(I thought they were higher but a woman's measurements are in proportion to her height). A new big Hungarian amazon, who has appeared elsewhere(ALYA) makes her debut today. Her videos are coming very soon to Xtreme Curves, as it would make no sense to have those huge 50-inch naturals NOT bouncing in motion here. More MARIA MOORE around the corner(ON VIDEO), and naturally, our most voluptuous model, PEACHES, will return for a full photo shoot. Can't wait to see those 63-inch hips again!!

Again: concerning the artwork, it may or may not appear on a Tuesday because I don't want to turn out inferior work....Quality takes a little bit more time.

August 2, 2007

The price raising to $14.95 has been delayed by a few days because I need to hear back from Epoch.net(I put in a request for a price change). Also, the website's redesigning is going to continue into the following month. We are still using much of the same layout we started with back in 2001(and the same subscription price of 1999). The model directory need a bit of reorganization--by that I mean there are models who are actually appearing twice, under different names, but looking so different that at first I couldn't tell the difference. For example: Petra, who has appeared as Veronica, and perhaps even another name....Times have changed, prices for everything, including content and production, have gone up, and so we have to act accordingly.

More movies are on the horizon: big-assed Japanese girls(and I mean BIG Japanese girls, with huge tits), Gemma Armstrong, Denise Davies, and a bunch of others; plus, as far as pics go, Delotta Brown returning with TWO curvaceous ebony babes, not just one! More color pinups on the far horizon, as well as black and white ones; I might resurrect MARIANA in comics before the year is out, she deserves a comeback, doesn't she? Also, long lost video footage of enormous Athenian buttocks should be appearing in the next two to three months. These ones are outrageous and put the lovely Atinna's buttocks to shame.

June 29, 2007

Hope you enjoyed AVA DEVINE freaking out on two studs as well as we did! We never get enough of her, or her fuck-buddy SARA JAY, who of course will be returning yet again soon. SHYLA STYLES is silicone-packed, but she looked so good I had to put here in the site. Great news for you fans of big, curvaceous babes. The fabulously stacked DELOTTA BROWN is coming to Xtreme-Curves.com! Along with a few other newcomers, and some returning for encores (like HAVANA GINGER). Super-titted CAROL BROWN of Voluptuous.com fame will be appearing, with new pics--older, of course, but with even bigger natural tits!

The website's remodeling will probably continue on into September, since there is some I would like to do on the inside as well as the outside. But rest assured, your viewing pleasure will not be affected in the slightest by the changes!

May 18, 2007

For those of you who are wondering, I haven't forgot about JULIET(aka Tanya Tung)'s videos; I was sidetracked by a booktour in California this month. A lot of models have requested to appear on Xtreme Curves and currently I am talking to a few of them who have what it takes. Another important notice: to keep track of rising costs of working on the internet, there will be a price raise beginning August 1: from 9.95(which is actually more than a steal) to $14.95, per month. As another option, the one-time offer will probably go down to $14.95; three months will raise to $29.95. I know it's been a very long tome. 9.95 was the price of this website when there were less than 500 pics in the member's section, but now there are over 20,000, and an ever increasing number of videos. This price-hike will coincide with a remodeling of the website.

April 2, 2007

Many of you have obviously noticed that there has been a huge increase in videos on Xtreme Curves. Thanks to a long-awaited upgrade in my internet software, uploading videos is much, much easier than before. I have been wanting to push this site more in the direction of videos anyway. MARIA MOORE, EDEN and JULIET (aka TANYA TUNG) will be apearing on video this month. GIANNA will be reappearing on video, I can't say when, but soon. A couple of big, busty, hefty British girls will appear on this site in the next week or so, along with that big Gypsy MILF I promised in March. Some vintage material from the late 80s, featuring, in hardcore, one of the great all-naturals, GEORGINA, in both soft and hard-core, as well as a lot more I won't tell you about, you will have to see it when it comes....

March 7, 2007

I know it looks like I'm getting lazy with the artwork. I'm not. It's just that the piece that's in production has a lot of detail in it and is taking a little bit more time. I thought seriously about cheating and just throwing up a black and white drawing on Friday but decided to stick by my word and put up a color pinup when it was finished. So, the next Phatgirls uploading is next Monday--a whole week without art, I know, that isn't quite right.

There were also some glitches in Thick$taxxx that I was not alerted to. Since this is a one-man operation, and since this sight only gets bigger and bigger with time, it becomes harder to look after every little detail--especially when I have outside gigs as well. If there are any broken links, inconsistencies with either Thick$taxxx or Xtreme-Curves.com, I would appreciate it if I was made aware of them.

As for the ladies: I got in touch with a tremendously busty babe from Guatemala who sent me her pics. She must measure at least 52 inches in the bust. They, and every thing else, are all natural. She will be appearing next week as the Model of the Month. You will also find a link to her site uploaded as well.

As for our other models: DANICA will be coming back soon. I know BONNIE is really GEMMA ARMSTRONG but since she hasn't been here in four years, I could not remember her name. Anyway, she looks terrific. TANYA TUNG aka JULIET will be appearing on video pretty soon. Some more goodies from Czech Republic, including a big Gypsy MILF who doesn't have tits as big as Lenka's (they're big enough, though), but who has mucho ass. Also stay tuned for some busty Asian content as well.

I think it's about time for me to redesign the member's section a bit, as it hasn't changed much, design-wise, in some time.

February 5, 2007

At last, once more, June Kelly appears on video here! The seriously thick Czech model will be appearing next week, maybe about Wednesday or so. She is different from Melissa Mandlikova, another seriously busty Czech whose own videos will appear either this Friday(or pics?) or sometime early next week.

I have a new approach to putting up the artwork. I want to have it up there at least once a week, or every other week, but like I said, I want to move into more complex work. Henceforth the Phat Girls art will be TO BE ANNOUNCED, and will appear only when it is finished. Which means, not necessarily each Tuesday. But the quality of the artwork will improve all the better.

I'm also thinking of bringing Mariana back in an even more lewd, crude comic. But I need the time to do it. I'm looking at the early to mid-Summer.

January 19, 2007

At last, Daphne Rosen has made her video debut, in a totally hardcore, interracial suck-off with two enormously hung black dudes. You can get a taste of how absolutely crazy she is for those cocks by checking out the sample attached!!

As for the glitches over the past few days, I apologize. It's very difficult to run this site by yourself, and the bigger the site gets, the more difficult it is to look after it. WE bascially means me, myself and I. "We" have about 30,000 or so pics on the site, and about 250 videos, maybe more--after seven years, it's difficult to count. I'm also involved with publishing activities, as well as the creation of these pinups, and frequently I've had to cut back on either one of these things to make room for the running of the website.

A SERIOUSLY thick Czech model will be debuting on video in about two weeks, and thankfully, there's no hold up there. JUNE KELLY's vids will be appearing shortly, too. MARIEL will be coming back to do some hardcore stuff. I KNOW you enjoyed ANGEL DELIGHT, and her deliciously thick curves(once again, sorry for the fuck-ups). She will be coming back soon, hope to get some vids of her, but the pics will have to do for now.

For you affiliates, the Thick$taxxx program is finally finished and ready to go, and I will be notifying you soon....

January 10, 2007

Hope you big boob and butt lovers are having a great New year!

The Thick$taxxx partnership program is getting its finishing touches, and I hope to have it ready by Monday. All the affiliates in the meantime have done a wonderful job in bringing in some extra cash to Xtreme-Curves.com.

As for the DAPHNE ROSEN videos, I know they should have been up in December but sometimes suppliers talk shit and don't deliver. It should be up by the end of next week. JUNE KELLY's videos are coming, too, I haven't forgotten. Many more videos, and a host of new thick babes and old ones returning, so keep tuned to Xtreme Curves!

December 6, 2006

Yes, I know many of you fans of the artwork are waiting patiently for the return of the art, but I'm still out of town. Plus, I had to buy new art software while over here. There are a couple of HUGE breasted(and all-natural) chubbies appearing on video soon, in addition to JUNE KELLY (aka HANA BOZENA) and NASTIA. DAPHNE ROSEN will be appearing on video later this month. DARINA(who is actually living in the UK)will be coming back, too. LUBA LUV, a voluptuous Russian chick, will be coming to Xtreme Curves not before long, and fans of thick Russian women will not be displeased! The Thick$taxxx renovations are almost complete, and the new program will debut at the end of December. This new program is a lot more user-friendly than the earlier one.

November 27, 2006

I will be going out of town for a short time on the 29th, so the PhatGirls artwork will have to wait a while. I know the art fans will be disappointed, but to assuage your misery, I will be offering the big juicy blond TRINITY JACKSON for your viewing pleasure. GIANNA will appear on video next week. I know I'm behind schedule...but you will NOT be dissatisfied!!

November 23, 2006

The artwork is late, but it's worth it. Our Thanksgiving gift from us to you big girl fans....

November 22, 2006

My apology for the mix-up in names. The fine, big-ass redhead is NIDIA, not JANINE, another model who will appear here in the weeks to come. Meanwhile, stay tuned for some new videos next week!!

November 13, 2006

More great news. The lovely DARINA, from Cuba, is making her Xtreme-Curves.com debut today! Stay tuned for a lot more of her pics in the near future. Fans of the incredibly curvy URSULA will have a chance to see her again very soon(no joke). VERONICA, ever eager to get laid, will take on two guys in a raw DP set....For Thick$taxxx affiliates, please note that the site/program is undergoing renovations. Also, any of you who are using ZANGO anywhere on your systems should remove it, because it harms us on both ends--me, as well as you. They are a bunch of leeches who steal sales with the use of malware.Just around the corner: a hot-blooded, busty, big-assed redhead named JANINE.... Those videos that you fans have been waiting so patiently for are appearing this month! GIANNA will suck cock, jiggle her huge tits and swallow cum. BOZENA will be here, as well as the previous mentioned models. JUNE KELLY, aka HANA BOZENA, will be returning here, too. But the big surprise will be an appearence from DAPHNE ROSEN herself, in both pics and video, solo and hardcore.

October 10, 2006

Great news. We've got a slew of new videos coming featuring some incredibly busty girls, some of whom you will recognize. BOZENA is appearing on video; so is BRANDY TALORE, GIANNA, MARQUETTA, and others. They will be coming to the site within the following weeks. WANDA L.'S videos will be here very shortly, don't worry.

September 25, 2006

Yes, I know you guys have been waiting, but OLIVIA'S videos are coming this Friday. At last! VERONICA may come before or soon after--maybe it doesn't matter much, because XC fans don't seem to be too enthusiastic about her... In any case, big bountiful MILF CARLY is coming back this October; in addition, I found an incredibly voluptuous German model named URSULA, who measures out at 42-29-55!! She will be here this October, along with some other shapely babes. Please stay in touch!

September 4, 2006

This just in: OLIVIA O'LOVELY videos coming this month; VERONICA appears on video this month, and a bunch of other big-titted big ass babes, some exclusive. More info later!

August 11, 2006

Yes, I know that there was supposed to be another newcomer here named M'Kiba. Unfortunately, due to some technical problems, she will have to make her debut Monday. I hope it's not a problem. In the meantime, enjoy watching another newcomer VERONICA suck dick and get her ass ripped in HER debut. Seems she would not wait to get down and dirty with us...The German vids are coming next week, so don't be disappointed. Also, we have some incredibly busty new models(all natural) that I know you will enjoy, so stay tuned for some more big ladies!!

July 24, 2006

Shit! Hollie Stevens was thicker and juicier than I thought. At any rate, she will be returning soon to Xtreme Curves. I also have some German vids featuring some big-titted, chunky babes that I've held off on, because I was so keen on introducing the members to Kiki Kakuchi and others. But those will be coming very soon, indeed next month!Also, I am still in the process of trying to get TRISTAL to Xtreme Curves. In the meantime, I have some big tit and big-ass lovelies, some who have been here before, like ALEXIS SILVER and AVA DEVINE, plus YVETTE, and others who have never appeared here, coming up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

May 15, 2006

Some more great news. The BUNDA TWINS will be appearing soon on video. In addition, RICKI, a brunette newcomer with a stunningly gorgeous butt, will be coming to Xtreme Curves. I know a lot of you are glad to see FREDERIKA again after such a long hiatus....We'd feared she had almost gotten away from us for good! Anyway....a massively busty Czech BBW is coming to the site--not much in the hip department, but wait till you see those tits. Keep your fingers crossed about busty Italian thickie TRISTAL--we are going to have a chat with her and see if she can pose for Xtreme Curves. GIANNA is reappearing later this month. And stay tuned for some more suprises we aren't just going to give away....

April 28, 2006

Great news--especially for you Brazilian butt fans. Two voluptuous big booty twins, NANI and ANGEL, are making their Xtreme-Curves.com next week. Just you wait.And yes, HOLLIE STEPHENS and GIANNA are on their way, too.

April 14, 2006

Helena, as it turns out, is Greek and Cuban, but the whole package is just so fucking sexy. Her tits aren't huge, but she definitely has the curves, especially in the ass department. Those who like 'em slim and curvaceous will be happy.The busty and big-butt videos will be appearing later next week, so don't think I forgot all about it. The first one features a thick, curvy Turkish babe who also sucks dick as a side diversion. More super-hot Czech tail on the way, and on video as well. GIANNA will be returning, and we will be seeing cute, petite and THICK-assed HOLLIE STEPHENS, along with a number of other thick-butted cuties in the weeks to come.

March 13, 2006

I know many of you have been waiting to see BOZENA, but once again I've had to bump it ahead to this Wednesday. (I just got the raw pictures in today.) So in the meantime, enjoy this hugely busty ebony newcomer HEAVEN(51-33-45)--she's about as big as Bozena, but with a much larger ass.More busty, big-ass videos are on the horizon, so hold on to your cocks!

March 4, 2006

There was a slight mix-up in the scheduling, mainly because we discovered some more fresh meat, number one, and number two, I will be going out of town for a few days. BOZENA will be appearing slightly later(not by that much, maybe only a few days), but when I saw LUSCIOUS LOPEZ I decided, why not, she may not have the tits but she certainly has that ass--and she likes to get it stuffed, to boot!Don't worry about the artwork. It will appear this coming Friday, along with a model.

March 1, 2006

Enjoy Gianna's vids? We are trying to push more in the direction of using videos on this site, since nothing beats the sight of a big ass or big chest bouncing up and down. Our latest discovery is a curvaceous young platinum blonde with an amazing 43-28-47(corseted), appearing this Friday. Massive-chested BOZENA is returning, and a hugely-busty ebony newcomer is appearing right around the corner. Xtreme Curves has its sights set on a return to Brazil for another Bunda Queen. It's high time that we crown a new Queen!

January 24, 2006

Some of you were probably let down over the few pics we had of Taylor Hill, but it was all we could come up with. She has retired, so we were lucky to get what we did. On the other hand, Sara Jay and Ava Devine will be freaking out on one another in a few days, on video, because we all know in events like these ordinary jpegs just won't do. KERRY MARIE and equally busty HANNAH will be in a tryst(in pics)pretty soon, and of course, who can forget those hugely busty Czech babes? Not one, but tw of them will be appearing here on Xtreme Curves(by this, I mean ENORMOUSLY BUSTY, above 47 inches). We haven't forgotten about CARMEN HAYES, you'll see her early next month(and NO, not because it's Black History Month--that's just a coincidence!) We've also got plenty of vid clips coming soon, not just those by Sara Jay and Ava Devine, but also a voluptuous amateur(possibly Italian?)who flashes her hourglass shape and jiggles her big tits and butt before the camera. Nice stuff, though amateur. We are going to focus more on getting exclusive models to Xtreme Curves in the future--for one, we want to get LATIN SPICE, who has a 54-inch ass, to this site. There are a number of others, but cross your fingers, we can't be sure if we can get any of these girls here, but we will truly try.

December 30, 2005

Sorry for the mistake made Wednesday in not having Brandy's pics available. But other than that, good news: TAYLOR HILL is just around the corner, along with CARMEN HAYES, some highly curvaceous Czech newcomers, and the aforementioned KIKI KAKUCHI!Kaf, the artist, is striving to make more complex and realistic works, That explains the new atmospheric quality in what he is now doing...

December 14, 2005

Well, it's been less than a month and I guess people have taken to the new design quite well. I didn't do any redesigning of the Mariana tour page because I can't be so sure if I will even bring her back. I'm not saying I wont. but then again, I can't guarantee anything.The member's page will be renovated some more over the Christma holidays. Just some cosmetic changes to make it more up-to-date....Anyhow, we've got TOMMY LYNN TOWERS returning--apparently she is taller than we previously thought(5'4" and not 5'), so subsequently, her measurements are larger. Also coming up is KIKI KAKUCHI, who measures a whopping 53-32-46, SARA JAY and AVA sucking off the same guy--on video; and a bunch of others(including more BAYBE, SIERRA, CARMEN HAYES, more busty Czechs including ALISA and others, a gorgeous Black Brazilian you have probably seen before but will show anyway, and, believe it or not, TAYLOR HILL. Stay alert.

November 22, 2005

The new index and homepage is sure to raise a few eyebrows, and maybe more. Anyway, work is continuing on the site redesign, so don't be surprised when a few more pages change unexpectedly.

November 9, 2005

Like the current logo? It's just temporary, until we change the overall look of the tour page and member's page. The index logo most likely will be artwork this time--why not?Meanwhile, the ladies continue coming. Those of you who enjoyed MAYA, the big-breasted Desi babe, are in luck, because she's returning. AVA DEVINE has a video that is so hot and nasty that it must be seen to be believed--her dicksucking and throat-fucking are amazing. JOY's return had to be put on hold because the pictures were ones we had already put up before(!), so in the meantime, here's a newcomer, VIDA. A really thick, busty black chick is coming(in addition to CARMEN HAYES, SIERRA and BAYBE), and TOMMY LYNN TOWERS will return shortly. Of course, there are a bunch of other models coming and returning in between, but we can't give away all our secrets, can we??

September 30, 2005

I know this page is starting to look outdated. A site renovation will be underway in a few weeks, and the logo, which hasn't been changed in two years, will get a facelift. The only problem is--should I use artwork on the index page instead of real models?As a result of the coming renovation we will have a second processor(Epoch) so all of you who wanted to sign up but were refused by CCBill can have hope. The first of those jiggly German babes I promised was put up today: MONI's incredible 45-30-43 takes a pounding from an unsuspecting visitor. Big DUSTY is back; she has vids of her own so stay tuned for those. And yes, BAYBE is returning--I haven't forgotten. CHRISSY, AVA DEVINE and CARMEN HAYES, along with some very curvaceous newcomers, so watch out.

August 16, 2005

Enjoy Sara Jay's face-fucking rampage? Great--because you'll get to see it in video clips soon enough!Yes, the DESI BABES are coming. I know I keep saying it but now 2257documents are required in all new pics and shoots, and the Desi ladies have been taking their time getting them together. Hot ebony babe PATRICIA is returning this week, and for the Model of the Month we have the amazingly thick and luscious BBW EVEZINE, a Czech newcomer with 58-inch tits and an ass just as big.MARIANNA, the voluptuous Lebanese slut, will return with some vids of her beating herself off on top of a car. Also, as a result of our Berlin fiasco, some more big-titty German babes, luckily on film so you can see those massive hooters jiggle as they beat themselves off or get fucked. CARMEN HAYES, AVA DEVINE, Big DUSTY, SARA JAY(the one we used to call SERENA), and by popular demand the OLD Bunda Queen, NATALIA, will make reappearences in the weeks to come, along with some new talent.Oh, yeah, and don't forget the voluptuous Ebony beaut BAYBE--she'll be back this September after a long hiatus. CHRISSY, too. Don't forget--you'll regret.

June 27, 2005

Now that we are back in operation, using new (and better) equipment, things will proceed as usual. The DESI BABES are coming, don't worry. In the meantime we've found a big-assed Slovakian MILF who will make her debut shortly with her amazing 45-inch butt. Plus a lot of nasty videos from Germany. (Well, at least something came out of this cockeyed trip to Berlin--plenty of pussy!)

June 20, 2005


On the upside: updates will reume Friday, meaning, of course, the big blonde newcomer. Dusty has some vids coming as well. Stay tuned!!

May 17, 2005

Lorna Morgan? On Xtreme-Curves.com?Yes, that's right. Now, if we can only get TAYLOR SUMMERS' big ass over here, then things would be perfect. But in the meantime, LORNA, DUSTY, TIANE and VIVIANE will have to do.Also AVA DEVINE is returning with some photos taken from the video clips, and some others featuring her(both soft and hard); the video clips of CHRISSY are a sure bet, and a huge-assed newcomer from Arizona named TABBY will be coming shortly as well. An absolutely gorgeous black chick from Detroit named BAYBE will most likely return with both pics and vids after some years of absence. CARMEN HAYES is definitely coming back with new pics and videos, but not before ASHLEY EVANS makes her video debut(seeing her big tits in motion is believing!!!). I haven't forgotten about the rest of the PETRA videos, nor the DESI BABE special, and lots more of BIG BUTT, BIG TIT specials you won't want to miss but which I won't give away because I don't want to spoil the fun.

April 13, 2005

Some of you are probably wondering why I'm bring back Summer Lynn so soon(after only two weeks). Well, these new pics of her have to be seen to be believed! In her other two sets, she took great care to conceal the sheer size of her ass, but in this new set, she doesn't. Believe me, this thing is BIG. For all you ass fans, you don't want to miss this.

There was another big butt model I wanted to introduce to the site instead of Summer Lynn, but she will be appearing next week. Ava Devine's wild orgy will wrap up this Friday(yes, all good things must come to an end), but she will be returning to the site often, so don't worry. ASHLEY EVANS will be reappearing on video, as will big, bad DUSTY(both pics and video clips), VIVIAN, PETRA and something special: BUSTY INDIAN BABES getting fucked. (Please note--these are REAL Indian girls!)

March 8, 2005

I haven't written here in a long time and I know I should have. About the artwork: we promised to put it up on time, but our artist is a perfectionist. It should have been up yesterday. So from now on, we won't announce any color pieces unless they are actually finished!! Kaf wants to do more complex pieces, with more realism, so there's no telling how long these will take. It is much easier to do a black and white piece every week than for the artist to promise a color piece the upcoming week, only to find that this motherfucker did not finish it on time!

AVA DEVINE'S true nastiness shall shine forth very shortly, as will the nastiness of SIERRA, ASHLEY EVANS, VIVIAN(who goes by another name elsewhere), and a few others on videos. The big-butt babe from Arizona is also coming soon--we haven't forgotten about her. Big-assed DUSTY will be coming back, as will The Bunda Queen and her closest rival VIVIANE. I am considering updating the site design, too--it looks nice, but it hasn't been changed in nearly two years. Not that anyone has really noticed, what with all the incredible talent that has been passing through....

One other thing: other BULLSHIT websites have been stealing our pics and using them to promote their own garbage. I just spotted one flim-flam site posing as the real deal two nights ago. They were using pics of NATALIA, the Old Bunda Queen, to promote themselves. When I joined up, I noticed that Natalia's pics were not used, of course. Indeed, half of their models are fat disgusting old slobs....it's just the same tired-ass shit that one finds all over the net. They charge $40 a month for this garbage!! Go see them at BIGANDSLUTTY.COM and see what I'm talking about!

December 31, 2004

Well, this hasn't been a bad year at all for Xtreme-Curves.com, except that a few models we'd hoped would make it didn't. I'm not sure of Chrissy's vid clips yet, for example. But fuck that--don't worry about it. CARMEN HAYES, AVA DEVINE, and SIERRA all have video clips coming to Xtreme Curves--as well as pics!

On top of that, Scoreland.com's RENATA(or OLIVER TOWELS)is coming this January. They always play down her measurements for some reason. She's a 46-28-45--who the hell would want to play down that??

There naturally HAS to be a holiday pinup....belatedly. I needed to find the right model. But that's coming up next Tuesday.

The New Bunda Queen(Tiane)will return February, but in between that time a whole host of other extremely voluptuous models will have you distracted: Erika, or KATJA KASSIN(her real model's name), super-busty GAYNOR, CARMEN HAYES(and other extremely busty black models), a HUGE-assed newcomer from Arizona, the video clips, of course, and a lot of other things we don't want to give away--it's a surprise.

Happy Holidays, members....

November 24, 2004

Still undecided about Viviane and Tiane being the Ultimate Bunda Queen? You can send in an email and vote, for whomever. I would lean towards Tiane myself but others might think differently....

Right now I am in Berlin looking for newcomers to XC, and from the looks of it, all is not well(as far as the girls are concerned). Our internet connection over here stinks, which is why uploading has been haphazard. Things have been going downhill here in this city for quite some time and it is really starting to show. Fortunately we have some goodies on the horizon: still more to come of CHOCOLATE, more OLIVIA vids, and the rest of Nikki's Black Attack, not to mention a LOT more of both Tiane, Viviane, and new big titty, big butt girls that haven't made it to XC yet...

October 15, 2004

It's official: Tiane, our 52-inch newcomer, is the new Bunda Queen! Don't believe me? Look at her ass and judge for yourself!

Also, XC would like to apologize for not making color pinups available for some time. The software I use to make these pinups was malfunctioning....

October 1, 2004

Okay...I know it's October, and that it doesn't exactly make sense to post the September Model of the Month today. But I actually thought there was going to be a September 31st for some reason. Oh, well.

Aside from that, the two NEW contenders for the Bunda Crown, from Rio, will be appearing this month. Tiane, the first, will make your mouth drop. The members who have seen her first two pics will be blown away. There is NOTHING on our site that even comes close to Tiane. Maybe it's a matter of opinion, but even Viviane, the second contender, seems overshadowed by the awesomely huge, shapely, protruding butt-cheeks of Tiane. 52 inches....and from my estimation, they might be bigger(I saw both of them in person), maybe 53 or 54. Judge for yourself when you see her!!

Chocolate is also appearing this month. Don't be too disappointed when I say that she is only about a 44" around the ass rather than a 49--there was a mismeasurement. But so the fuck what!!

Yes, Olivia O'Lovely is reappearing this month, along with Yvette, and a few other surprises. Stay tuned, by all means!

September 10, 2004

Listen up: I have some very important news.

More important than the debut video feature of Nikki Santana's Black Attack, which shows her getting it on with five hung black studs--including some of the nastiest, wildest blowjob scenes I've ever seen, anal, DP, etc. More important than the return of the Bunda Queen, Yvette, Olivia O'Lovely(on video and in pics). And even more important than upcoming model Chocolate(38-27-49). The important news is that we have located those two ultra-bunda babes in Rio, and they have decided to come aboard Xtreme-Curves.com.

Keep your fingers crossed. I have seen their pics and was flabbergasted. One's ass is an earth-shattering 51 inches, the other, "only" 47 inches, but with more tit to match. THEIR PREVIEWS CAN BE SEEN IN THE MEMBER'S SECTION.

And still more important news. Offline, the book EXTREME CURVES is scheduled to appear from NBM this October, featuring many of your favorite Phat Girls....

July 28, 2004

Yeah, I know Princess was supposed to show here on Wednesday, but unfortunately, I misplaced the CD-ROM containing her pics and so NATALIA had to take her place.

The Bunda Queen looks like she has aged somewhat since I last had contact with her, but she is still holding up well. I contacted two other girls down in Rio who could well give her a run for her money. One of them is BIGGER than the Bunda Queen and with a narrower waist. However, I haven't had these pictures taken yet, and will try to do it through another photographer down in Rio soon. In the meantime, there's another black model with a tremendous ass who's coming up in August or September(depending when we can get her photos in). Serena (Sara Jay to some of you) will be coming back, along with some other newbies. And of course, VIDEO CLIPS OF OLIVIA O'LOVELY. I haven't forgotten....

June 7, 2004

You will note that we are not updating on Wednesday, as usual. That's because I will be landing in Brazil and need time to have my brain unscrambled before getting back to work. Wednesday's update will be posted Friday, along with an unnamed model--it might be a newcomer, it might not, but she will have huge ones, rest assured....

May 26, 2004

Okay. TWO months before I bothered to post anything here.

But we came through with Erika's videos and hardcore pics, which we have more of, by the way.

Indira's and Sierra's hardcore pics are coming up this June, and stay tuned for Olivia O'Lovely's spectacular blowjob workout that month, too.

Think Samantha Slopes is too big? I couldn't help it. I kept checking out those massive tits and butt, plus the fine face and long hair, and decided she had to be with us. I have gotten contact with a voluptuous Scotch Gothic queen who is built up like Yvette but is younger; she's interested in posing for Xtreme Curves. Also, Serena(Sara Jay to some of you)is coming back for an encore soon; so is Linsey Ward, Dilek, Roma, Castitty, and a bunch of others you have not heard of will be coming along, in both pics and video clips....

If I'm lucky, at the end of this year, NBM will be publishing an art book featuring my best pinups. It will be called EXTREME CURVES. I say If I'm lucky because I have yet to turn in the final copy--it's almost there, though!

March 24, 2004

Yeah, it's been one month before I've posted any news. There's good news and bad news. First, the bad: Taylor Hill WON'T be appearing on Xtreme-Curves.com: she isn't modeling anymore. We know we promised you that she would be here but she has asked that no photos of her be offered for sale anymore. Too bad, because she was going to be our Model of the Month.

Now, the good news: HEIDI, from Phat Juicy Ass(47"), is our MODEL OF THE MONTH! More good news: Olivia O'Lovely, Sierra and Angel have hardcore material on the way, so long as they don't cop out on us and "retire!!"

February 24, 2004

Been quite a while since we've had any news, though Thick$taxxx is working like a charm. The conversion ratios are normally 1:200. Anybody who is seriously considering making money with us should join Thick$taxxx....it works, that's all I can say!

As for the artwork: I promised I would upload a color artpiece today. Unfortunately, it got destroyed this morning --I was two-thirds through it last night. I made the mistake of storing the color version on my CD-ROM, and when I opened it up this morning, I found that the file would not read off the CD--and stupidly it was the only color one I had!!!!

Good pinups take a lot of time, and so I came up with something in black and white today. The original black and white of the color piece I was working on you have already seen("Mia" with the tennis racket). This new pinup is an updated version of an older one I did for the old Kafenwar site nearly five years ago....only better, of course.

I know everybody went wild over Africa Sexxx sucking that big German bratwurst. I have some more stuff with busty dark-skinned babe SIERRA coming up in which she gets creamed on so hard she almost turns white! Tomorrow, though, another really busty, big-nippled Asian newcomer will be making her appearence here--she's about as busty as Asian babes go without surgery or Farang Ding Dong!

Also this month: TAYLOR HILL. Don't ask when. Just know that she will be here, no questions asked.

February 6, 2004

Now, we ARE back at full capacity! And I hope you like the two newcomers we've brought in lately--chunky-butt, big-titted Orsolya from Russia and the succulent Nikki Loren, who makes her debut today. THIS MONTH, the mega-busty Wonder Tracy makes her video debut on this site. No more delays, no more bullshit! LOLA LANE also makes her comeback, MOST LIKELY IN VIDEO--I see people respond very positively to vid clips, and it's a wonderful thing to see these big tits and asses moving rather than just captured in little snaps. Yvette, one of our curviest models, for some reason, doesn't inspire too much enthusiasm in people. I can't figure this out. I know I would drill her in a billion different ways if I could, but then again, to each their own taste...She's featured now in XLGirls magazine, the kind of mag that features them big, just like we like them here, and no way else!

Next Monday, the PhatGirls will be returning in color. I was stockpiling a bunch of black and white drawings because I had run out of basic sketches to make them, that's all. No, I haven't forgotten about super-curvy TAYLOR HILL, and she is definitely right around the corner, with a bunch of other curvy babes. I will be returning to Brazil, hopefully will find some rivals to the Bunda Queen to knock everyone's eyes out.

January 14, 2004

We are almost back at 100% capacity, though you might have noticed that we had some problems with Laila's video. I tried to cut this video on my Windows 98 PC, but there was NO compatible software anywhere on the net! Not untill I finally got my laptop back from the shop yesterday was I able to split this monstrous fucking video and make it possible to upload, which I will tomorrow.

Of course, Irina is back. Usually she is known as MARKETA elsewhere, but since I didn't know her real name before posting her, I decided on a pseudonym first. Anyway, enjoy her all-natural boobs. Zuzanna will be coming back(another super-busty Czech babe)and you probably remember her from Scoreland, too.

January 5, 2004

Thankfully, our backup CDs saved our ass, so we can now upload our regular three times a week. The Bunda Queen, never one to be upstaged by our more curvaceous models, has returned once again!

Taylor Hill--for those of you who don't know--is yet another really juicy babe who is awaiting her turn to appear here. By the way, if you are a female and are reading this, and have unusually large breasts, narrow waist and a very big wide ass, PLEASE EMAIL US. We are looking for models as good as the Bunda Queen or better.

I haven't forgotten about Erika, Olivia, and Lola Lane hardcore and video clips; I just want to concentrate on bringing in fresh new faces, tits and ass for the moment...

Special Bulletin: January 2, 2004

Hope you all have had a Merry Christmas and everything else. Certainly, it must have been a whole lot better for most of you than it was for us. But first, the good news: the Bunda Queen is coming this Monday, and I hope you will like what she has to offer this time around. Also, stay tuned for those Wonder Tracy vid clips, too.

Now, for the bad news:

OUR HARD DRIVE WAS NEARLY DESTROYED. Even now, I don't know if the data on the laptop hard drive(which is normally used and up-to-date)will be saved. If it isn't, then we are going to have a hard-ass time for a few weeks.

Yeah, we do have backup CDs, but it's going to take time to get back in total stride. So we are not entirely running on 100% capacity, but since business is business, and we have lots of horny fans, our schedule will continue as planned!

December 12, 2003

We have to apologise for not uploading in over a week. The computer was down the whole time. So, to make up for it, we will be uploading today, tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to keep things on track.

Later this month, the Bunda Queen, who has become our most highly requested model ever, will be brought back with some more pics of her enormous rear end. Look out for ASHLEY EVANS, too, along with busty wonder DENISE DAVIES and certainly some ultra-curvaceous newcomers!

November 24, 2003

I guess our members were thankful for the Julia Miles clips that were uploaded. I have lots and lots more, so you will want to hang around for those. Wonder Tracy has some as well and you will be seeing them, along with some of Chrissy, and more of the fabulous Serena!

The Bunda Queen feels slighted that Yvette has tried to upstage her, so she will be making a comeback soon....

Irina, an extremely busty Czech babe, will be appearing this Wednesday in a pretty big set. You might have seen her in Voluptuous magazine(she's all-natural). Kerry Marie will be returning in December, and I know that many people join this site just to see her. I've got lots of new babes on the horizon as well, as well as the promised hardcore sets of Erika and Olivia. Indira has some hardcore shoots of her, and some of you will probably want to see those lovely Indian lips wrapped around a thick dick!

November 12, 2003

Olivia's back! At least this Friday, she'll be returning. There was such a positive response to her fine curves that we decided to give her an encore.

Good news for Julia Miles fans: she's returning, too! Not only do we have shitloads of her pics, but we also have VIDEO CLIPS of her and those tremendous 53-inch boobs!

We don't want to weigh down our members with endless encores of fabulously curvaceous models. After all, a few new faces will be appearing this month, one from Czech Republic. You might have seen her in VOLUPTUOUS magazine. She's a blond with HUGE natural boobs. Another hugely busty babe, a brunette, is also coming to this site from the Czech Republic. A busty Asian babe will be appearing here within the next month or so. We still have MORE pics of the fabulous BUNDA QUEEN--as well as her bitter rival YVETTE--and a lot more where that came from. Also, STAY TUNED for more HARDCORE pics featuring some of these babes!

As for the new PhatGirls CD-ROM, I might put that on hold. I think that a PAPER VERSION will be coming out next year. Anyhow, I have my fingers crossed about it....


October 27, 2003

It took a little longer than usual, but I think MAGDALENA in color was worth it: check her out on the PhatGirls tour page.

But that is not the real news. The real news is shattering. Number One: an all-new DENISE DAVIES video clip coming this Wednesday, showing her swinging those humongous titties. And this is a pretty long-ass clip, too. Number Two: Indira, an all-new Desi babe coming with her. And, last but not least, an ALL-NEW BUNDA QUEEN: YVETTE. She measures 51 inches in the ass, 42 in the tits, and 28 in the waist. She is an honest-to-goodness Phat Girl AND ALL OF IT IS NATURAL. When is she coming? Damn sooner than you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 20, 2003

As I predicted, there was a tremendous response to the Bunda Queen's emormous ass. Believe it or not, there's more pics to be seen, but right now there are other girls that have to make their debut.

DENISE DAVIES is returning to the site this Wednesday. I actually have more video footage that will be made available as soon as possible of this busty wonderbabe. Speaking of wonders--those of you who might have heard of Wonder Tracy might be delighted, or disappointed, to know that she might be featured on the site. Sure, she has tremendous tits, but she belongs in the SUPER-SIZE category and we try to stick strictly to hourglass honeys. But she has a 46GGG rack, and it's all natural. EMAIL me if anyone is interested.

Also--another thick Indian babe will be making her debut on Xtreme-Curves.com. Some of these pics will be HARDCORE and you won't want to miss this hot, curvy Desi babe sucking dick! On top of that, we have more busty Eastern Euro babes coming up soon, more PRINCESS, and more...well, just stick around and see for yourselves!!

October 8, 2003

Like Erika?

She's a sweet, bubble-butt Czech beauty who, fortunately, also has HARDCORE pics and even some VID CLIPS available. Fortunately still, YOU WILL SEE THEM HERE ON XTREME-CURVES IN THE NOT-TOO-DISTANT FUTURE!

More good news--the Bunda Queen is coming back! You guys have been screaming for her, so she will be here next Wednesday, showing off that fabulous 48-inch ass!

September 29, 2003

MARIANA returns to Xtreme-Curves in a superbly cum-soaked FINAL OUTRAGE!! Of course, there are a few more filthy, mindlessly uninhibited panels to be seen, so don't think that this is it--hold onto your genitalia!

We have our 50th winner, but, of course, his(or her)name won't be announced for privacy reasons. The winner will be contacted via email.

I know how much you guys loved OLIVIA's pics, so I will bring her back, soon, in a hardcore feature, plus some vid clips of her. For the meantime, you will have to console yourselves with yet more voluptuous babes like SERENA/SARA JAY, and a whole bunch of other babes with asses as wide as shelves and tits the size of watermelons. Enjoy!

September 22, 2003

The Phat Girls--or a PHAT GIRL--is back: "Sanjita," hefty, curvaceous Indian babe with a whopping 53-28-56 curves for you to revel in, and all-color. Next Monday the Girls will go on hiatus for the continuation of the Mariana comic, which will be filthier and MORE SPERM SOAKED than ever.

Speaking of which....I will be offering PhatGirl original high-res posters on sale at eBay in the near future. Of course, you will be able to buy them here, too. EVERY 50th MEMBER WILL GET A FREE HIGH-RESOLUTION PRINT OF THE ABOVE LOGO GIRL, autographed by the assmaster himself, Kaf.

Yeliz, that big-ass Istanbul slut, will be returning soon in far better and far more revealing pics--better than she has ever taken before. Mind you that ALL OF OUR MID-EASTERN BABES ARE ACTUALLY FROM THE MID-EAST, and not Latinas or high-yellow ebony babes passing as Arabs or Iranians! Also, stay tuned for more vids featuring busty Asian babes--and more, more, more, more ass in general. OLIVIA O'LOVELY is making an appearence at Xtreme-Curves soon--some BUTTMAN fans may know her juicy ass well!

September 12, 2003

Finally, THICK$TAXXX partnership program is up and running. For those of you who have been interested in doing business with Xtreme-Curves.com, here is your chance. We don't do any unethical shit(like shaving) and payouts will be handled by our processor CCBill. You will be paid every week. (We would prefer to do business with people who have decent traffic to send and who have their own sites.)

September 5, 2003

People surfing this site have had such a positive response to the Latina models that I post here from time to time. For that reason, I want to emphasize VOLUPTUOUS LATIN BABES more at Xtreme-Curves.com. Of course, that doesn't mean you won't be seeing any more big ass Ebony babes(you certainly will in the near future--one with a HUGE butt), or curvaceous blonde beauties, or even plump Asian babes(more of them coming very soon--one with a big ass, too, from Korea!)--it's just that Latina babes generate the best response. Naturally they are a favorite of mine, too, as you might guess by my artwork....

Before I upload that video clip of Mandy, I want to post her pictures next Monday or Wednesday to let to know what I mean when I think she's too topheavy for the site. Fortunately, another hot Latina model, Chrissy, has made some video clips of herself wildly sucking off a big-dicked black dude. You will see those, don't you worry, as well as more of Serena(aka Sara Jay from ONIONBOOTY.COM).

Good news for those webmasters who want to get their hands on some of my money: THICKSTAXXX, the new affiliate program, will be up and running VERY SOON. In fact it might be finished within the next two weeks. Since we have such a high conversion rate(usually 1:165 on a bad day), I don't see how an affiliate can't make money with this site, unless he's a lazy motherfucker. Anyhow, I will keep you posted.

September 1, 2003

This utterly nasty, cum-soaked installment of Mariana's FILTH CLUB concludes the first part--JUST the first part. Part Two will be WORSE. Just wait untill September 14th(or the 7th? Who knows?)

We've got videos coming up this Wednesday. Personally, I don't think much of Mandy Cara's build--she's way too topheavy for my tastes. But I have a lengthy vid-clip of her. Anyone who wants to see her just email me. (Mandy Cara is a big, huge breasted Latina babe who recently appeared in Voluptuous magazine.) If it's not her, then a busty Czech babe named Jana who wacks herself off for the camera--and another busty, big-assed surprise.

Our exclusive guest, the Bunda Queen, is coming back in a couple weeks, so don't go away, folks!

August 25, 2003:

I know that each time I promise an art update for a certain time, it's always late. I apologise. But you might be asking why I'm always late in uploading the artwork...

Because of last minute reconsiderations when making the fucking art, that's why. I might promise to put up the art a few days in advance, only to find that the art is taking me much longer than usual to complete it. So, from now on, I will only announce the actual DAY that this art work is going to be uploaded--it could be any time. But it WILL get uploaded. (That aside, I hope you like Cleo's curves. ;0)

And since the site design hasn't been updated in over two years, the whole look of the guests' site will change on Friday(I hope--it might be later!!). I want to simplify everything and make navigation easier. I just bought some new software that makes web page creation a whole lot easier(and a lot more professional to my eyes), so some of you who saw the incredibly booby JULIA MILES of Scoreland fame might have noticed the difference. NOW I CAN UPLOAD THREE TIMES A WEEK. Beforehand, I created all these galleries by hand, which was why it was difficult to do what I set out to do.

Also: for webmasters who are interested in making money from my site, I have a webmaster program that is just about finished. I hope to have it up at least by September 1st. For current members, I am considering creating new payment options: a 7-day trial for $6.99 and thirty-day recurring for 14.95. I hate to break it to you all, but costs are going up in maintaining this site--the bigger it gets, the more bandwidth it takes, and the more I have to shell out to keep it all running. Not to mention the costs of content. But if I did change the price of the site, OLD members would still be paying under the 9.95 plan. There are some guys--I won't mention names--who have been with this site from the start. Those who do sign up under any new payment plan I implement will get a loyalty discount of 33%. E-mail me and tell me what you think of this idea.

Aside from that potential bad news, there's also some good news: more video clips will be appearing, featuring, of course, busty, big-ass babes. Denise Davies(topheavy, but who cares??), more Serena(aka Sara Jay, and I don't think she's Brazilian, either), Lola Lane, and a bunch of others. There has been a very positive response to Mariana's cum-soaked adventures, so I promise to make the next installment still nastier--and I hope to get it finished on time for next Monday!

August 1, 2003

The Bunda Queen?

I didn't know how members would react, so I posted just a little bit of what I have in stock. I had no idea that people would respond so positively towards her and with so many emails screaming for MORE BUNDA QUEEN! Yes--you will definitely get more of Natalia next week. I promised Collette some time ago, and am sorry that I didn't deliver when I should have, but I was in Brazil and dealing with the shit down there(not all of it good, by the way). Now that I am back from Brazil there are far fewer distractions in front of me.

Also: any webmasters who are visiting this site, and wondering how to make money doing what I do: don't worry. I am creating a new affiliate program and it will be up soon. If you are interested please stay tuned.

This site will undergo a good deal of expansion over the next two to four months. More videos--I will try to get out videos, voyeur pics and ultra-hardcore pics every Wednesday when I have them. I couldn't do it the last two months because of you-know-who and you-know-what. More busty Czech girls are coming to Xtreme Curves, along with Collette(she's coming back next week), Serena(better known as SARA JAY--you have seen her on OnionBooty.com, right?), Kerry Marie, Linsey Ward, Lola Lane, and a lot of new girls no one has seen--not to mention the Bunda Queen, who for now is ENTIRELY EXCLUSIVE TO XTREME-CURVES.COM. Oh, yes, and of course, the artwork is returning on August 4th with a new installment of Mariana's Filth Club.

July 2, 2003:

Once again, I would like to apologise for all the technical problems this site has had over the past two weeks. I am still in Rio de Janeiro, and uploading from here is a hassle, especially when you are trying to handle a Brazilian girlfriend.:} However, all this bullshit has had a positive outcome, as I have shot several dozen pics of her. Her measurements are 38-31-48, big even by Brazilian standards(I have noticed that in Rio the emphasis is shifting away from butts and onto breasts, or so it appears). The asses in Brazil, though spectacular, weren't quite up to par with the Athenian asses, which were totally outrageous. Mariana comic strip is returning late in July, by which time I will be safely out of Rio. Oh, yeah, Colette is still on the back burner, sorry--I guess you need to be here to understand why things were so fucked for the past two weeks. There was also a question of fraud--some asshole in our hotel swiped my credit card info and started draining my checking account of thousands of dollars, so obviously, the website had to take a backseat to my getting things cleared up for a time. (Also, for some reason, Anouska's thumbnails don't show--I don't know what this is. They always register as those of Chrissy. I can't explain this strange phenomenon....)

But don't leave Xtreme-Curves in disgust because of this: there's more to come in the following two months. Besides Colette, vid clips of Serena, more Lola Lane, and a bunch of other super-curvy, super-busty babes which are so rare anywhere in the world(save for the Levant, it seems).

This Brazilian girl, who is of Lebanese-Brazilian ancestry, is named Natalia. I shot some stunning pics of her in Bahia early last month and they are a must-see. And you will NOT find these pics anywhere else, on any site. I may choose to conceal her face at first, or at least only have her face seen in the member's section. She has a Pauline Crespo-type ass and turns heads even on the jaded streets of Rio. And she's COMING THIS JULY!!

April 2, 2003:

I guess I have to say "Oh, shit" again--for several reasons.

Number one: about the last two days. CCBill was updating its billing system, and as a result EVERYBODY was temporarily locked out of the site, including myself. So I sincerely apologise.

Also, there is still a problem with the Glo-Bill system so untill that is fixed I recommend you stick with the CCBill site for now. Anybody who tried to sign up yesterday and failed can do so again today without any hassles. Moreover, to cardholders in Korea, you are in luck: CCBill can now accomodate you as well.

Number two: Mariana is returning April 21st. No ifs, ands, or butts. Well....her ass is even better than it was--added a couple extra inches!!

Number three: Serena is returning Friday TOTALLY NAKED, showing off everything you couldn't see when she had on all those garters and shit. Hang on to your genitals....

Number four: I know I promised artwork for this Monday, and I didn't get a chance to finish it because of a lot of bullshit--running this site is often a real pain in the ass. So I have to apologise for THAT, too. And you WILL get the Colette pics, as I promised--she is featured next Friday. On Wednesday I am featuring new big-butt Greek babes, and some of these girls are outrageously bottom-heavy--a must-see!!

March 26, 2003:

Artwork? Don't worry, it will be here next week, along with some BRAND NEW GREEK GIRL PICS. I need to make time to produce the new Mariana comic strips....

I haven't forgot about the Colette pics, either.

Pervert's Paradise will be getting its first update in AGES with some nasty German pics--the nastiest, wettest non-bukkake facials you'll ever want to see. I will want to update that as soon as I get my hands on something I KNOW is nasty and untamed, because I know that our members need to see something kinky now and then to keep them interested. The update is NEXT WEDNESDAY, so mark your calendars....

March 10, 2003:


Oh, shit.

One of our "Phat Girl" pinups?


This Wednesday, our Girl of the Month will measure....you got it....46-27-52. She does not have an ounce of fat on her body save for her ass, hips and tits. That's why I am saying "oh, shit." She's Serena, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, a country which has no shortage of super-curvaceous babes. I don't want to talk too much--just wait and see what I mean!

I am more satisfied with the artwork I put out this time around, and didn't skimp on anything, like I felt I did with the piece last week. It's fine, and what's more, it's ON TIME.

Some more important news: this site will be undergoing some renovations as far as the tour page is concerned. I guess it should. I would also like some suggestions as far as the billing is concerned. Would you prefer it $9.95 per month, or would you rather have a $5.95 one week trial, and $19.95 per month? Note: most other big girl sites only have a fraction of the content I have, and yet they often charge three times as much as I do. Other than my "Shit List," which is making some folks angry, I think I am being too nice--I want to make QUALITY BIG GIRL PORN available to as many people as possible. But anybody who prefers the $5.95 one week trial, E-MAIL ME HERE.

February 28, 2003:

Again, I know I goofed in not presenting news when I should have, but being here in Berlin for the time being, I got a little distracted with some other things. ;) Same with the artwork. I am midway through a pinup and will have it up--hopefully--on Monday. If not, then Tuesday. Don't worry about there no being Greek pics this Monday because I still have shitloads of them, they just haven't been scanned yet.

The first of our curvy, busty Asian babes is up--Pearl, from Hong Kong, and sporting a luscious 39-29-39. Stay tuned for a voluptuous Thai babe real soon....

February 14, 2003:

Great news: Starting this March, pics will be uploaded Wednesdays as well as Fridays, while the artwork(and voyeur pics)will be uploaded on Mondays, as usual. There might be uploadings on Sundays from time to time, too. There is a lot of new content that I have, first of all, and I know how frustrated some members may be to wait around for a week to see new stuff. Following the first week of March this will occur....

And good news concerning Mariana: she will be back in April!--the return will be mainly to complete the last comic, which was hanging for a year(!), then initiate another, harder, nastier one featuring her, and maybe some lesbian shit with another big babe as well. You will know the exact date when you look at the update page....

I got some old pics of Collette Marquise I am going to put up next month, which you probably have already seen--but it won't hurt members to have the complete set of some of Colette's stuff at Xtreme-Curves along with a bunch of other things, like over 500 pics of Tommy Lynn Towers, for example. All of the pictures I post are of high quality unless they are MPEG snatches or some bullshit. I also have some extreme hardcore stuff that will be featured in the Pervert Paradise section soon, possibly a week or so from now. Yeah, it has been a long time since I updated that....

Any webmasters reading this board, listen up: I will be starting an affiliate program soon. Since this site probably has more voluptuous babes than most other sites out there--and the really good ones, indeed--you should find it easy to mine this niche. I will keep you posted concerning that.

January 20, 2003:

Yes, I know I'm late in uploading new artwork, but here it is. For not getting it out when I should have gotten it out, I promise to have an extra set of pics uploaded to the member's section. Remember Nikki King, the Arabian treasure chest? Well, stay tuned this Friday!!

Next Monday--definitely--there will be more Greek pics, so fans of that sort of thing will be pleased to see some of the phattest butts in the universe. Most likely there will be more artwork, as I have another pinup in the works that will be completed in time, so no need to worry about that. There will be more busty Asian babes, too--in fact there might be a whole new section devoted especially to them in the months ahead, and I promise not to take too long this time....

January 3, 2003:

On holiday again? Well...yes and no. I have been doing a lot of moving around, which explains why the updates to the news page have been so rare.

I know I should have made a New Year's pinup, too. I realize it was a mistake not to. So I guess the Valentine's Day pinup has GOT to be on here, whether I am up to it or not. The real reason for the dearth of artwork, other than the moving around(Europe, etc.) is because I want to produce better quality artwork. And quality takes a little more time. I didn't put out as many pieces as 2001, certainly, but I think the quality of work is better, and I'm sure members will agree. Also, I will be producing a new art CD--Phat Girls #2--some time in the future. Yeah, I haven't forgotten about making that CD or DVD of those big, fat Greek butts, either....

Many members have been complaining to me about not being able to see REAL BIG TITS video caps. Apparently, they had no problem with the pay-per-view videos of big ladies(of which there are many in the member's section, and will be far more in the very near future), so I dropped them temporarily. Don't worry about video clips because I will be introducing a lot more of my own clips very soon.

Mariana? Well....she will be back, don't worry. I know it has been a very, very long time. But when she returns you will hear from me, without a doubt. It is not easy making those comics and so one just has to be patient concerning quality artwork.

I also realize that CCBill is giving some folks a hard time in trying to sign up. If you want to sign up, but can't through CCBill, email me here and I will tell you what to do next. Also, some good news for those who have been waiting for voluptuous black models--a HUGELY BUSTY favorite of VOLUPTUOUS fans and fans of nudeblackdancers.com is coming to Xtreme-Curves.com very soon. WATCH OUT FOR HER--SHE'S GOT HUGE ONES!! On top of that, an extremely curvy Irish redhead with a sumptuous 47-inch hips is on her way; Taylor Hill of VOLUPUTUOUS; a couple of exceedingly voluputuous German models, one whose tits must be seen to be believed; and a host of other things. Also, a new TGP inspired by our artwork and attitude towards women is making its debut next week: STACKED-N-PACKED.COM. If you are too fucking cheap to pay for this site, then you can just cop the half-assed free samples from its galleries. But then, you will miss out on the artwork....and the comics....

September 20 , 2002:

Please excuse the delayed and fucked-up way in which I uploaded material today--well, actually, September 21st. My computer was temporarily out of commission, so I had to use someone elses'--a Mac, as it turned out, and the uploading came out all wrong. Anyhow, I hope people aren't too pissed at the temporary screw-up.

In addition, there won't be an art update this Monday--sorry for that, and I won't make a habit out of it--but you WILL see some more Greek pics, some truly amazing. On top of that you might see some new vid clips of this massively big-assed bitch, named Dominique. How's 48 inches of phat ass sound?

The artwork will be back the Monday afterwards....

August 16 , 2002:

I know that some of you have been pissed that the artwork hasn't been updated in some months. There was a reason for that--I was on an extensive holiday(in Europe). While there I had the opportunity to click hundreds of pics of juicy-ass ladies(Spain and Greece). So those members or potential members who are waiting to see some of the most OUTRAGEOUS asses you ever want to see, need not wait much longer. Ditto for the art fans. This Monday(on the 19th) SHOT FROM BEHIND will finally be updated with just a little of the stuff I shot while in the Mediterranean. You should thank me for these pics, because they caused me a great deal of pain getting them taken: Athenians are notoriously rude, and especially so when they see some guy snapping a picture of some chick's big ass....Mykonos, however, was a little different, and the asses you will soon see will blow your minds. On top of this, I made hours of video footage of these monstrous, freakish asses, so I want to get some MPEGS and vidcaps ready--maybe a DVD or CD-ROM ready?--some time later this year, when I have the equipment to do it. THESE PICS ARE EXCLUSIVE, AND YOU WILL NEVER SEE THEM ANYWHERE ELSE EXCEPT HERE ON XTREME-CURVES.COM--ditto for the new artwork!!

Every Monday from now on you will see a new color pinup and maybe a few line drawings of pinups to be, suggestions, ideas, etc. The "Mariana" comic will be updated later in the year, when I have time to draw up the remaining panels.

51 to 61-inch behinds....?! Yeah, sure, why not? Stay tuned for some of these ultra-curvy bottomed models this September, a couple with 48 to 49 inches, and a few up in the fifties and one who is literally HUGE-assed--you might remember her from BIG BUTT magazine when you see her. Well, I have some choice pics of her waiting to be posted next month, so you will want to stick around.

That "someone famous" I mentioned to you awhile back(about a day before my trip abroad)was of course KERRY MARIE! Not great in the ass department, as we know, but her boobs are fabulous. She will be reappearing here very soon with some follow-up pics. Another up-and-coming Scoreland babe(Chaz)has made her debut here today, too. I now have about 109 curvaceous models, featuring all spectrums of voluptuousness--from the lithe curviness of Emiko(37-23-37) to the mind-boggling Lori(52-29-56), and there will be more, of course--a lot of VOLUPTUOUS, BIG BUTT and SCORE models are coming. Look out for more Linsey Ward--members responded enthusiastically to her, and so they shall receive more. Gemma Stocks, and a couple other Gemmas are on the way, so HOLD ONTO YOUR GENITALS, PLEASE!!

May 6, 2002:

Yes, I know it's been a long time since I wrote anything here, but I have an important announcement to make.

Someone you know is coming to Xtreme-Curves.com--someone famous.

Of course, it's a voluptuous(or exactly a Voluptuous/Scoreland) model. She is going to be May's "Model of the Month", too. You'll know her when you see her, so stay tuned.

Another announcement: the artwork is back. I hope to get some color pieces out as soon as possible. I did not upload any during April because I was too busy taking care of business--taxes, acquiring new content, etc. Also: I am planning a new Phat Girls book. It might either be a book or a CD-ROM. If it's a book then I hope that NBM might be able to put it out some time next year.

Final announcement: Real Big Tits? Yes, that's coming, too. I know a few members have been asking about it. We also have new videos of voluptuous babe(not Scoreland-affiliated)Skye ready and you will see those soon. Members have responded enthusastically to Skye and they will certainly see more of her, that's for sure....


January 4, 2002:

Well, happy new year to everyone. All I can say is that I hope that Xtreme-Curves continues to prosper throughout 2002.

Bringing in the new year are some old favorites: Latin hot babes "Lucinda" and "Gabriella", as well as foxy Filipina "Jea" and a brand new model from Russia named "Anna." She has a nice thick ass and tits that should not be missed.

I know some people have been asking me about the Mariana comic, and I hope to get that wrapped up as soon as possible. Quality takes a bit more time. I want to make the artwork this year better than the last, so I might not come out with finished color pieces every week. I haven't forgotten about the artwork, I'm just creating it, that's all.

A lot of you big butt fans have certainly seen "Camiella," the curvaceous Italian model featured at thickwomen.com and fatgirls.com. But I KNOW you do not realize what a complete freak this girl is. You will find out when I feature her as the Xtreme-Curves "Girl of the Month." The things she does with coke bottles, huge dildoes, high-heeled pumps and even a baseball bat will leave you stunned.

In addition to that we have a bunch of other models, including the 54" breasted Coco, a hot cafe-au-lait black chick. In February, bouncy, foxy Baybe(42-24-41) will be the Girl of the Month, at last; and you will finally get to see some brand new video clips of this really voluptuous Danish treat named "Marie". How does 46-30-44 sound? Each clip will be over five minutes long and will be accompanied with a large number of pics. And I also have another juicy Danish blonde named Natalie whom I think is better than Marie, certainly prettier and more voluptuous(she has a better ass). Unfortunately, she doesn't have any vid clips, but she did one interracial shoot with three studs, so that(plus her solo pics)is on the horizon, as well.

Oh, yeah: there's more Tommy Lynn Towers this month, too, so Tommy Lynn fans hold on to your nutsacks!

November 20-21, 2001

Yes, it's been a long time since I added any news to this board. Not that things weren't happening here at Xtreme-Curves.com.

PRINCESS of Ohioswing.com finally made her appearence at this website. I only put up 74 pics initially, but I have a lot more in stock, so stay tuned for that.

I also have a lot of other things in stock as well. Since the last unfortunate update, I have acquired a lot of new stuff. I have MORE of the super-stacked mature babe Ashley. I have MORE of the even more incredibly stacked Colette Marquise. I haven't gotten around to Baybe yet, but I did get my hands on the super-stacked Lola Lane. Lola, if you don't know, is a dark-skinned black model with an incredible 50-29-40. You'll see her very, very soon, as you will the porn star Donita Dunes. Normally, I don't go for silicone-breasted ladies, but Donita is pretty damn bottom-heavy to balance out what she's got up top!

And of course, let's not forget Anastasia, the Russian Hourglass. She is one of my moderately-thick babes(40-24-39), but members adore her, so I've decided to bring her back for some HARDCORE action. I'm sure members would like nothing better than to see this lovely blonde slupring on two thick cocks....

There's more where that comes from, but you'll see it when it comes.

I know I was slow in putting up artwork this month, but I had so many other things to take care of, so the art had to go on the back burner for awhile. Nevertheless, it's back, and expect to see another pin-up next week.

I've gotten a lot of positive feedback about Xtreme Curves from both members and non-members. Thanks for the helpful feedback, it surely does boost morale around here. :0) However, I have to make one thing clear: the models on this site aren't available for private contact. I have gotten a few e-mails from people wanting to personally contact these models, and unfortunately, that isn't possible. If it was, I would contact them myself, of course!!

SPECIAL UPDATE: September 14, 2001

I apologize to members and visitors if I haven't kept up with updates and/or artwork for this week. The recent events in New York and Washington, D.C. made work on Xtreme Curves all but impossible. I offer my sincerest condolences to any visitors or members who may have lost loved ones or who may themselves have been killed during these tragic events.

Nonetheless, I have decided(as have so many others in this country and worldwide)not to have my life dictated by terrorist actions. Since I live in the Washington, D.C. area, obviously this crisis was not far from my doorstep. Yet I have decided to keep enjoying my God-given liberties, including the freedom to enjoy big tits and big asses!

The vacation I was planning to take(yesterday, as it turns out) was obviously postponed. So all of you members won't have to worry about any shortages of thick, juicy babes. Terrorism or no terrorism, I am going to try to turn Xtreme Curves into the greatest V-gal site on the web!!


August 20-21, 2001

Well, that was quick. SUZETTE has just been posted to the member's gallery, and visitors can have a peek at her by clicking this link. Also along with Suzette is a new set of Tommy Lynn Towers pics, with her in (and out) of a leopard bikini thong. The Tommy Lynn fans will love this, surely.

The art fans might be disappointed to find that the art isn't going up on Monday. I know I've fallen behind on trying to post new art, but I'm trying to take my time. Some of the earlier pinups I posted I just felt weren't up to my standards. Besides, I am trying to finish enough of the new Mariana comic("The Stalker") to be uploaded. I hope to have at least 6 to 7 pages ready for a start. Since I will be posting pics for most of this week, the artwork will go up this Friday. Once again, apologies to fans of the "Phat Girls."


August 13, 2001

Yes, I know it's been a whole month since I've added anything to this page. I have been very busy as usual. There was a very enthusiastic response to my mature babe Alexis, perhaps just as much, if not more, than for Tommy Lynn Towers. That surprised me, showing that there is definitely an audience out there for big, curvy, OLDER ladies. Also, members responded very warmly to the Russian babe Anastasia and that gorgeous British nurse Angelina, not to mention Trish, and that foxy, big-butt Latina babe Gabriella. You will be seeing more of Gabriella in the weeks to come, rest assured.

The good news is that I have yet another older babe, even more voluptuous and curvy than Alexis, and apparently a little older, too. But she is HOT. How does 44-26-50 sound?! Her name is Suzette and I hope to have her up on the member's site by the end of August. Yes, she's another blonde, I know. I've been trying to cut down on the blonde types and feature some more ladies of color, but really good-looking non-white models WITH CURVES are not easy to come by. However, I did find a gorgeous Mexican chick(non-white Mexican)with unbelievably massive tits--and NO, she is NOT fat. I also spotted this super-thick Korean babe, as well as a dark-skinned black babe with a monstrous rack as well(even bigger than the Mexican chick). I haven't forgotten about Baybe, I'm still making arrangements for her, as well as Princess of Ohioswing.com.

This fall I'm planning to expand Xtreme-Curves and live up to the slogan "The Best in Voluptuous Erotica." I am trying to put in new artwork. I put in a lot of stuff from the "Phat Girls" CD-Rom, only because I realized the original pics did not quite have enough resolution to be printed on paper, which was what I had hoped would happen. Also, in addition to the new models appearing, more vid-clips coming, too, and some plug-ins featuring big chicks.

You know as well as I know that I never feature skinnies or fat slobs. The woman can be on the small side, but if she has a skinny upper body on Xtreme-Curves, you know she's going to have a BIG butt. And vice-versa for the chest: small ass, enormous chest. Normally I steer away from women like that unless the said girl has an ass so big and tasty(like the Hungarian babe Ilona)I can't resist. There's nothing wrong with pear-shaped babes, anyway--Brazil is full of them.

Note: I haven't forgotten about the shit-list. I'm still compiling it. --KAF

Another important note: I will be going on vacation early in September, so I will leave the members with something special to keep them company while I'm away.

July 13, 2001

I uploaded Alexis, the hot blonde mature babe. Click here to get a taste of what she looks like. Also, some artwork I put together, hope you members enjoy it.

Please note that over the following few days, members might notice some down time with the pic galleries. Don't be alarmed. I'm just doing a little reorganizing of the site. I found some more voluptuous babes for Xtreme-Curves, and you might see a few of them before the time the month is out. 6'2" Mistress Sharon, recently featured in BIG BUTT and JUGGS magazine; an unbelievably luscious blonde nurse named Angelina; Princess of Ohioswing.com; and last but not least, the foxy Baybe, big tits and big ass, virtually a black Tommi Lynn Towers!!

A word of warning, however. I have noticed, in the past four weeks, a number of assholes who sign up, usually with online checking, and then ask for a refund after four or five days--this after attempting to download everything in the member's section, or just to be cheap shits. I don't mind if you download pics for your own personal use, but DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT POST MY PICS AT NEWSGROUPS, CLUBS OR ON-LINE COMMUNITIES WITHOUT MY CONSENT. If I ever find ANY of my pics on anyone else's site without my permission, I will have the bastard banned PERMANENTLY from the web. I know all the e-mails and IP addresses of these punks who attempt to give out free passwords, or who cheat Xtreme-Curves financially. In fact, I have compiled a special shit list that will go up later next week, and maybe you might recognise some names.

If you think this is funny, then maybe you can have a chat with the guys from whom I license the pics, and then you can chat with their lawyers--or mine. It's your choice. I don't fuck around when it comes to my member's content, so PLEASE DON'T POST THE SHIT ILLEGALLY--OR ELSE!!

July 9, 2001

I uploaded the Tawni Lyons vid clips at last. Now, the next thing on the agenda are the "Real Big Tits" videos, which I can't be definite on when they are going to appear, but they will soon enough. However, I am drawing a new Mariana comic strip, which promises less storyline and more pure fucking and spermaholism(from our freaky 50-25-50 toon babe, of course). This new comic, "The Interview," will appear sometime this August.

I'm sorry that this week I couldn't finish a color pinup in time. Since I don't want to show too many samples from the "Phat Girls" CD-ROM, I decided to upload a couple new color pinups this Friday, along with a really hot mature blonde babe named Alexis. Yeah, her boobies are fake, but there's nothing fake about her 45-inch ass and 29-inch waist, so you won't want to miss her. Later this month, I have a few other models, including the hot Carol Brown of Voluptuous fame(42-28-44); Annabelle, a gorgeously sweet Italian brunette with a really juicy body(40-27-42); more Colette pics on the way, and a host of other things, of course. Stay tuned....

June 22, 2001

I have to apologize to members for not providing the link to the "Trinity" gallery for a couple days. I was just so preoccupied I didn't even remember to link it. Sorry for any inconveniences caused.

Anyway, I finally purchased some good MPEGs. The MPEGs will debut July 6th. The first two will feature Eve, a luscious little teen chick. The others will feature none other than TAWNI LYONS in hardcore action! In addition to this, fans who have been waiting for some "Real Big Tits" videos will get to see them before long--I have been making arrangements for streaming videos, too. But rest assured they will only feature what we all like, so I am very selective.

Some people are probably wondering why I don't advertise this site as featuring "over 30,000 pics!!" Well, I'm afraid I have to let you non-webmasters on to a little secret that many of us share. Many of these "30,000" pics are, in actual fact, just "plug-in" pics that have been provided by content providers. No big deal, unless you consider the fact that these same plug-ins are used by all the biggies out there(no need to name names, you know who they are)--and when they spout off about "30,000" this and "50,000" that, that is precisely what they are talking about.

What DID you think--? 50,000 pics of nothing but gorgeous, big-butt girls? Not bloody likely! Most of what you are going to see are 50,000 pics of "teens," "amateurs," "big-tit girls"(read: skinny teens with hideously oversized implants), even some gay material. I know this for a fact. I've seen one of the major plug-ins(Pornholio) and this is exactly what they offer. Veterans of other sex sites know what I'm talking about: the "voluptuous" content featured in plug-ins is tiny, indeed!

And this is why if you see me advertising "150,000 pics" on my tour page, you can rest assured that this is exactly what you will see--150,000 pics of hourglass chicks. But I seriously doubt if that many actually exist anywhere on the web. Certainly in the magazine world, they do. Anybody who knows where I can get more pics of PLUMPERS, BIG BUTT, SCORE and JUGGS models--many of which are unobtainable for webmasters--please send e-mail. Also, if any of you know a girlfriend or anybody who has measurements of at least 43"-50" bust, 23"-28" waist, and 45-55" hips/ass, please send them in via e-mail. If I post your pics, I will pay you $100.


June 8, 2001

The response to the new Xtreme-Curves was quite enthusiastic, indeed!

I received a request from somebody in my e-mail for video clips. Well, THEY ARE ON THEIR WAY. Certainly within the next 4 to 5 weeks you will definitely see vid clips. It's just that I am very busy trying to find the RIGHT CLIPS, you see? It's one thing to show clips of just any old "teen" slut--and another thing to show clips of the kind of ladies we all like!! Fortunately, I've found a couple sources who can provide these, so there's no need to worry.

In addition, there are new models on the way this month: Eve, a very busty, meaty Latin babe; Jamie, another Latina, with a gorgeous big ass and thighs; Karmelo, a gorgeous half-Thai half-black babe with 40-inch naturals; and Trinity--yes, THAT Trinity, the tall, big-titted, HUGE assed blonde babe whom you've seen in the recent BIG BUTT issue.


June 1, 2001

Hopefully by the end of today, I will have put the final touches on the new Xtreme-Curves.com. All that remains now is the URL change, which will run me an extra ten dollars, but it's worth it, seeing it might bring this obscure site a whole lot more attention than it is currently getting.

I uploaded about half a dozen or so models to the new server. The move from the old one to the new has been successful and I am working with twice the space than that which was allotted before. Now I am up to about 1,100 pics or more, and certainly there's more to come. I especially like Azusa Kawai, who has one of the phattest asses amongst Japan's porno actresses. She(or her sponsors)claim it's only 35 inches across. Oh, please....You take a look for yourself here and tell me what you think. My guess at a woman's measurements is usually right, and given the fact that she seems to be at least five feet five inches, that ass must be at LEAST 40 INCHES!


May 18, 2001

Well, today is the debut of the Xtreme-Curves model directory. This time Ashley(mature Latina), Fiona(foxy black chick), exclusive pics of Colette(who DOESN'T know Colette??), and last but not least the ultra-curvy Tommy Lynn are being featured. BUT THAT ISN'T ALL! In a day or two you will see more models. Check the Update page every so often to see what else has come up.

For those of you who are scratching your heads and wondering what happened to the Voluptuous Vault....Well, I needed some extra space to put this new material, so some of the less important things on this site--like random pics taken from newsgroups--had to go. You know what I mean?


May 11, 2001


Xtreme-Curves? Why?

Well....Why not?

I had difficulty deciding on a new name for the site. The whole nature of the site and its purpose had completely changed since its creation in late 1999--from an amateur site, devoted mainly to my artworks and some photographs, to a clearly professional one, with over 1,200 photos and naturally many more to come. Therefore, I saw no need to continue using Kafenwar.com, which I had conceived mainly as a substitute for Cafe Noir, my old underground zine.

Nevertheless, I wanted to stay strictly within the "voluptuous" niche and not focus on teen skinnies, which I consider to be a digital plague. My promise to the viewer and potential member when he signs up is that each and every new girl be BIG, but in the RIGHT places ONLY! Unlike other big girl sites, you will not have to knock yourself out looking for the juicy babes with the big hips and butts. You won't have to settle for skinny lollipop-heads or monstrous gorillas who need a wheelbarrow to hold up their disgusting beer bellies.

To existing members of this site, do not be scared of the name change. This will not be some anonymous corporate porn site interchangeable with all the others. It's still the same one, only expanded, polished and more convenient. There will always be a strong focus on the "Lush ladies" art, which is one of the things that sets this site apart from others. In fact, you should expect more work from me as time goes on, and on a more regular basis, as reconstruction of the old Kafenwar into a new professional site winds down.

Also note: I had to move to a new web hosting company because the old one didn't allow anymore than 150 megs of space. Over 1,000 pics are going onto this new server from May 18th thru June 1st, 2001, by which time the logo on the index page will have changed to accomodate the new name--Xtreme-Curves.


February 2, 2001

I know I haven't been back to this page for quite some time, but I had been busy putting together the Phat Girls CD. There are two very important things to point out: number one, some members may have noticed bad links on the kafenwar.com site, especially in the Mariana comics section and the Voluptuous Vault. I apologise for not updating those links properly, as I should have, because I was preoccupied with so many other things. Some members have had the impression that I was misleading them by trumpeting Mariana updates and stupidly not updating. Actually, that was not the case at all: page one had simply not been linked to the other pages!

Rest assured that these linkage problems have been gotten rid of, and one should have no problem accessing the comics.

NUMBER TWO: THERE IS A NEW FEATURE THIS MONTH. We will be showing you photo-sets from the lovely, real-life Lush Lady "Kelly," whose feature appears on February the 17th. From here on the Lush Lady of the Month will be a regular feature on Kafenwar.com. NUMBER THREE: Another new feature, as a result of Number Two: archived Glamour Girls. I still don't know what to call it, but this new archive will be appearing in March. Thanks to increasing sales I have been able to purchase a good deal of photo content of only the most luscious and curvy babes on the net.

NUMBER FOUR: Phat Girls will be ready between February 14 and February 20(of this year of course!). It is just a matter of getting the finished, packaged CDs back from the CD-manufacturer!


October 22, 2000

Congradulations to all viewers!!! Thanks to you, we have achieved 100,000 hits in under a year's time!

Because of your support, a special free pinup will be posted shortly in commemoration. Also: expect to see some new material on the 28th of October and the 15th of November. New additions to the "Real Life" section, more pics for The Vault, more pin-up previews of the Phat Women CD(where you can see these pin-ups in their actual size), and of course MORE HARDCORE COMICS!! Stay tuned.


October 6, 2000

I'm sorry for taking extra long to upload(I promised on the 4th and not the 6th), but shit happens sometimes. More photos will be coming soon, rest assured...

VERY IMPORTANT: MY E-MAIL ADDRESS HAS CHANGED! (KAFENWAR@EXCITE.COM) It seems as though hotmail won't work for me for some stupid reason....


September 29, 2000

Yeah, I know it's been awhile since I've written anything on this board, but I've been busy with the CD-Rom. Perhaps too busy, because I have been having trouble with my eyes. Today, the first gallery of the Voluptuous Vault goes up. I know that it breaks the rule of this site--100% original material--but there are those of you who want to see pics of big-breasted, big-assed women, and to satisfy those folks, I started posting them....

Another reason is that my eyes are too tired. I had to hold out on the Mariana comic strip, for example. If you guys want to continue to see the pin-up art, then I am going to have to rest my eyes for a time. There won't be any home in me making these things if I go blind.

The second "Vault" gallery goes up on the 4th of October. I promise that all the women will only be the curviest and juiciest on the net, no skinny bitches or fat gorillas.

Next month I will post a strip of Mariana(unrelated to the sequence), possibly black and white, featuring a bukkake bash. The "Klansman's Daughter" strip is in the making, too.

About the CD-Rom: The title of this CD is called "Phat Women" and will be featuring the very best of my pin-ups, most never before seen on this site(and possibly never will be). All the pieces I do for this site have to be shruken down to maintain site space. Plus, it is impossible to upload(as well as download) a pic that is, say, 18" by 35" wide in its original state. On this CD-ROM, which will be in PDF(and will automatically start when dropped into your PC), you will be able to view these files in their full size, or as small as you wish.


July 27, 2000

The update might come later than expected, because I am still suffering from severe eyestrain from being on this fucking computer. So if the update isn't tomorrow, I apologise. Look for it to come shortly afterword if not.

July 26, 2000

In a day or two, some new pin-ups are going to be uploaded, as well as some photos of big, luscious foreign asses(from the usual places). Only there are some surprises. The "Mirei" pin-up, which I said would be in color, will be in black and white. I'm sorry, but I just could not see this particular picture in color: it would have spoiled it. And "Xiomara" just might remain in black and white untill I can come up with a version that I feel satisfied with. (I began a color version, but I felt it sucked, and didn't match up to the black and white rendering.) You (members) might like it, but if I'm not satisfied with the outcome, I won't show it.

Another thing I want to mention is the CD. Since I've done "Mirei" in black and white format, I've discovered there is no time at all saved in rendering in this fashion than with color, at least in Corel Photo-Paint. So I might have half of the pieces in color and half in black and white. But I want some sketches in there as well. I'm going to be shifting a lot of the energy I put into the pin-ups on this site to the CD, mainly because it will give me an opportunity to rest my eyes. Right now, they are too strained; I even wake up in the morning thinking I'm going blind. So if uploading dates become more infrequent as time goes on, all this means is that I want to continue doing this artwork without totally losing my vision in the process!


July 12, 2000

Actually, it's still the 11th here on the East Coast(U.S.A.), but I've started updating anyway: new pin-ups, including a black and white rendering of "Xiomara," some long-awaited(and painstakingly rendered) "Mariana" panels, and some other shit.

I know, some of you members have probably been waiting forever for more "Mariana," but if you don't particularly care if it's in color or black and white, I will just switch to black and white.

And for those of you who lamented that a huge number of pin-ups were not in the making, I have some good news--for you, but not for me. The illustration assignment I thought I had turned out to be phony--some asshole merely wanted to con me out of some of my precious artwork for free. I'm reasonably sure this is what he did, and I know I'm not the only on-line illustrator he's screwed. So, to all on-line illustrators who read this, always give a contract to anyone who asks for your stuff beforehand, or else they will try to start some shit.

Anyhow, that leaves me time to produce more stuff for Kafenwar.com. But a lot of work is going into a special CD-ROM I'm producing for late this year, entitled 'REAL WOMEN'. This CD will be more professionally done than the other one, and will feature 40 black-and-white(fully rendered) illustrations, and about twenty color ones. That's all I know for now.

June 21, 2000

Well, I have some good news and bad news. First, of course, the bad news.

I promised dozens of new pin-ups to be made for later this summer. Unfortunately, since I accepted two major illustration assignments, there won't be as many as I hoped.

Now, the good news: I already have a bunch in preparation, and in fact, coming this June 24, you can see a few of them in rough form. Most are soft, with the usual nudity and open-cunt stuff, but some are hardcore. Since there won't be as many as I originally planned, I can take better care in preparing them, and won't just rush them out and have them looking like shit.

For some of you who are probably bitching about the (comparatively) slow updating of the "Mariana" comic--yeah, I know the really wild stuff has yet to begin, it's still sitting right here on my drawing board--all I can say is what I saw recently on www.steel-art.com: "Please be patient--quality needs a little bit more time." If you want, I can always do a black and white version, which is most of what you see in NBM's erotic graphic novels, anyway. If you want "Mariana" to be in black and white(line-drawings) in order for me to get on with the goddamn story, just e-mail me at kafenwar@hotmail.com.

Another thing to look out for: a future website featuring spoofs of all your favorite Saturday morning cartoons. It's called www.drawnbad.com. (It isn't mine--it's my brother's site.)


June 11, 2000

For those of you who wondered where the hell I was, I wasn't here from the 31st of May and June 8th. I was in Havana pursuing some "Lush Ladies" of my own.

Yes, there are some spectacular ladies down there, and I was lucky to have had my camera handy to snap some of the world's most fantastic asses. (Unfortunately, I didn't snap some that I should have, me having chickened out at the thought that some local snoops from Castro's party were checking me out, and yeh, I was caught a few times snapping women's asses.) Later this month, some of the best will be posted up in the member's section, along with much more of the Mariana comic strip.

But there won't be a whole lot of pin-ups, unfortunately . This is because I am planning a huge expansion of the member's section this summer. I can't say when this huge uploading is going to take place, nor the exact number of pin-ups--but it is going to be a lot of stuff, and may result in my having to move to another server.

I've also noticed that customers are still basically preferring IBILL to CCBill. I don't know why. I guess some of them just want to suffer.

May 25, 2000

Well, congradulations to all you fans and your show of support. Thanks to you, Kafenwar.com has finally reached 50,000 hits, something I didn't think possible when I began last December 9th.

There has been a lot of positive feedback about the kind of artwork I feature here on Kafenwar.com. Yes, it's true: nowhere else on the web(outside the hentai sites) can you find erotic art sites--or any other, it seems--devoted to the kind of woman we all love. I can think of Blackexoticdancers.com right off the top of my head, and that's that. Most of the other BBW sites are devoted to women who can barely fit through a doorframe, and that's not what we want.

Oh, yeah, and as an added bonus for your support, here is a commemorative pin-up of one of my biggest-breasted Lush Ladies, "Hedwiga" of the Czech Republic. (Her totally nude pin-up is coming this 28th.)

A former member of Lush Ladies requested to see more hairy women. Though he's no longer a member, all the others are going to see more hairy women, anyway. (After all, it sure looks good.)

May 23, 2000

As a footnote to yesterday's important news, I must repeat: if you decide to sign on,and if you have a credit card, please use the CCBill system--it is so much easier to use! I have still had problems with some of the old IBILL passwords. I had another major headache this morning and had to enter the passwords manually into CCBill's password database. This isn't to knock IBILL--I have had no problems with them financially, but password PIN-coding with IBILL is too expensive and simply too difficult to use. In order to make things easier for both you and me, please use the newly installed system if you are going to sign up, as I have deadlines to meet, and I can't worry about people's passwords 24 hours a day.

More importantly, CCBill takes American Express and Discover, so those of you who wanted to sign on in the past--but couldn't due to your particular card--can do so now.

Any old members who have password problems, please e-mail me and I will enter the password into CCBill's database.

Another word of warning: PLEASE DON'T TAKE THESE PASSWORD PROBLEMS AS A SIGN THAT KAFENWAR.COM IS AN INCOMPETENT, HALF-ASSED SITE THAT CAN'T MANAGE ITS OWN!! It's new, yes, but not incompetent! As it turns out, some on-line billing agencies are easier to use than others, and I made the mistake of choosing one that happened not to be very easy to use, password-wise. (Well, we live and learn!!) I am trying the very best to make things easier for all new and recurring members. Anybody who has any difficulty with billing, navigating through the site, dead links, etc. PLEASE REPORT THEM!


May 22, 2000


I've noticed that in the past month or so, many members or would-be members have had password problems. I have been receiving e-mails and complaints from you guys about not being able to get in. Well, fret no more: that problem has been solved. Now,in a day or two, new or returning members can choose their own passwords when they sign up.

The only solution I had was to change our billing arrangement. Now I will be primarily using CCBill rather than IBILL. The reason for this is simple: I am not very good at all in dealing with "scripts" and things of that nature, and IBILL expects its clients to know these things. Every day, I have had to manually put the passwords into my server's database. This has caused some major headaches in the past and I apologise for this, but I'm learning as I go along with this internet business....

However, those of you who are using on-line checks, you will have to use IBILL for the time being.


May 19, 2000

The vacation I mentioned below is on June 1st, rather than the 25th, so the update has been moved from the 24th to the 28th. Another change of plans: Teresa, the Ethiopian chick, will be in 3-D. I'm sorry, but I couldn't come up with a satisfactory sketch of her...yet I fooled around with Poser 4 and came up with something that struck me as dead on. For those of you who think that the Poser shit is going to take over, fear not: this summer will see a whole lot more in the way of good old-fashioned artwork a-la pens, pencils, ink, oils, etc.

Some more important news: each month, the heavy amount of traffic to this site has been jacking up bandwidth charges. This summer, Kafenwar may have to move to another server to avoid these charges, which are often outrageous--I had to pay $110 for bandwidth charges in March, and $30 for April. It's both a blessing and a curse--a blessing because this site's popularity is obviously increasing, but a curse because it costs to maintain this shit!


May 9, 2000

Great news for members: the next update is this 11th of May, and after that, the 24th. Some new features: the Poser 4 Gallery, featuring Mai-Ling, Kasandra, Alessandria, and Inga. Also, after months, a new update for the "REAL LIFE LUSH LADIES" gallery, and a new look that is consistent with the overall design of the website.

A word about the "Mariana" comic strip. No, the quality of the artwork won't decline, but to get these comics done more quickly I am going to sketch and ink them up on paper and scan them into Photo-shop. As a result, there might be some slight stylistic changes in the comic's design in Chapter 2, but all for the best. (Also, a word about the pin-ups. In the months to come, there is going to be a lot more per update, because I am going back to sketching these pin-ups on paper and scanning them. Anyone who is interested in obtaining any original artworks can e-mail me below.)

A lot of stuff is coming out this month, because on or aroung the 25th of May I am taking a short--and much needed--vacation. Two of the hand-painted pin-ups--Hedwiga and Saliha--will appear in both black and white and color, simply because I am very impressed with the quality of the sketches. As for Teresa, I haven't yet decided. But there might be another 3-D lush lady going up, named Ginger. (I created her yesterday.) Hold onto your cocks, or whatever you-all got....


April 28, 2000

For you members, at long last, you get to see Mariana do her thing. Of course, it ain't over yet, so stay tuned.

If you are wondering where the "preview" page is, don't worry: simply click on "About Lush Ladies" and the link below will take you to the preview. I had to clear out a lot of unnecessary jpegs as they were simply taking up too much space. Don't worry about the sketches: there will be some new ones up in the near future.

April 24, 2000

I've put up the two 3-D babes and the "regular" pin-ups, but the sketchpad will take a few hours longer. In the meantime, however, I have uploaded two new pin-ups of Mariana. WARNING TO MEMBERS: one of these pin-ups is an extreme bukkake(or, rather, the aftermath). Don't view if you have a low tolerance level for huge gushes of sperm!

April 22, 2000

Watch out for some new stuff on the 24th and 28th of this month. On the 24th, the first of my 3-D experiments(Inga and Alessandria) go up, along with Colette, Raquel and the new sketchpad gallery. On the 28th, the rest of this month's Mariana strip goes up.

I wonder if I'm putting too much detail into the comics. I've seen some of Milo Manara's comics and graphic novels and he doesn't add any shading or any of that other complicated shit. Maybe I should simplify my style....?

April 13, 2000

On the 14th(or 13th) of this month, the first installment of "Mariana" will appear, along with some other goodies. There will be two more updates this month, I can't say when, I don't want to rush to conclusions. But I know that I have a lot of stuff(all mine)prepared for this month...

Also--I have prepared a new index page. The old page took too long to download for some people, I guess--I've tried downloading this site from other computers. The new index page is going up around the same time....

March 29, 2000

If you are a member of Lush Ladies, you will notice that the Pin-up Galleries have undergone a change. (Don't worry--it's for te better. This is to make navigation and downloading easier to members. Oh, yes, and thanks once again for supporting the arts!!)

Now that you viewers--members in particular--have gotten your first taste of hot, spicy Mariana, you can view some sample pin-ups and artwork of her in a recently created gallery(so as not to confuse her with the other girls). The first installment of her series is just around the corner(just adding some finishing touches, that's all). Hopefully this time, I won't screw up any of my disk drives and set myself back a month behind my schedule.